PG Development Survey 2019 and Lucky Draw


Feb 5, 2008
Karachi, Pakistan

Dear PGers,

We are happy to announce a quick and decisive session of surveys. We are investing in the next generation and roadmap of PakGamers and partners that really want to work with us.
This means that we need to provide them with evidence, which will make making realistic and useful decisions in 2019. These surveys are designed to extract data that is used to develop:

1. Better website interface
2. Better content management streams
3. Better content for new users
4. Improve the quality of the PG experience
5. Better services from PG and other networking partners

Keeping in mind, that apart from the PG community, no other brand, company or firm is capable of doing surveys to
enhance the community experience that PG provides.

You guys have built this massive community. Take the survey with pride. Share it and spread the word. We need data!

The data will be used by us and by the end of the survey period we will submit our findings to you as well.

Also, we are offering a lucky draw! Get a chance to win the latest games, comics, and online courses by submitting the form.

Thank you !!

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Mar 15, 2007
Survey done. Some of the questions might be redundant for console gamers so you might want to label them as optional.
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