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Jun 15, 2016
Hi , i wanted to say congrats to the team for organising a giveaway. this is a huge deal. i respect the PG community and know for sure the people involved here , be it users or moderators are the cream of Pakistan's gaming culture scene. but there is one thing that bothered me about this competition and i want to share it with you. please dont take it negatively but i want to understand what was required in the competition.

1- This was a mod challenge. it was not a "show your PC challenge". you cannot categorise a custom built PC with off the shelf parts to be a modded PC. be it extreme water cooling using bends , its still a custom water cooling loop.

2- in my opinion modding is modifying something (its in the name) and applying it in a place to perform a task that it is not originally intended for. i dont see that in any of the entries except 1.

3- the place the PC is kept should have no influence on the way we judge a modded pc. it shouldn't matter whether the PC is kept on the tallest mountain peak of the north pole on a table made of gold and diamonds. because its a PC mod competition, remember?

in our competition the only mod i see is from a user techyrock. and that too is a work in progress but its the only modd i see. The rest are lucky PCs who receive a lot of love. and being a pc caring guy i appreciate the owners for the efforts they put in.


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here is a link to the thread if anyone missed it
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