[OT] English Premier League: Man City 17/18 Champions!


Mar 6, 2011
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I will keep updating this first post with news, tables, fixtures and other stuff. Though don't expect many updates in the off-season.

The EPL fixtures for the 2014/2015 season will be announced on 18th June. The season is scheduled to start on Saturday 16th August, and ends on 24th May, 2015.

Premier League 2014/2015 Table:
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3Manchester City1062220101020
4West Ham United115331914518
6Manchester United114431714316
7Swansea City104331310315
9Tottenham Hotspur104241314-114
11West Bromwich Albion103431313013
12Newcastle United103431115-413
13Stoke City103341012-212
14Hull City112541315-211
16Aston Villa11326516-1111
17Crystal Palace112361420-69
18Leicester City112361118-79
19Queens Park Rangers10217920-117

Full list of PL Fixtures for each teams in the 2014-15 season (Preliminary):
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August 16: Crystal Palace (Home)
August 23: Everton (Away)
August 30: Leicester City (Away)
September 13: Manchester City (Home)
September 20: Aston Villa (Away)
September 27: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
October 4: Chelsea (Away)
October 18: Hull City (Home)
October 25: Sunderland (Away)
November 1: Burnley (Home)
November 8: Swansea City (Away)
November 22: Manchester United (Home)
November 29: West Brom (Away)
December 2: Southampton (Home)
December 6: Stoke City (Away)
December 13: Newcastle United (Home)
December 20: Liverpool (Away)
December 26: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
December 28: West Ham (Away)
January 1: Southampton (Away)
January 10: Stoke City (Home)
January 17: Manchester City (Away)
January 31: Aston Villa (Home)
February 7: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
February 10: Leicester City (Home)
February 21: Crystal Palace (Away)
February 28: Everton (Home)
March 3: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
March 14: West Ham (Home)
March 21: Newcastle United (Away)
April 4: Liverpool (Home)
April 11: Burnley (Away)
April 18: Sunderland (Home)
April 25: Chelsea (Home)
May 2: Hull City (Away)
May 9: Swansea City (Home)
May 16: Manchester United (Away)
May 24: West Brom (Home)

Aston Villa
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August 16: Stoke City (Away)
August 23: Newcastle United (Home)
August 30: Hull City (Home)
September 13: Liverpool (Away)
September 20: Arsenal (Home)
September 27: Chelsea (Away)
October 4: Manchester City (Home)
October 18: Everton (Away)
October 25: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
November 1: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
November 8: West Ham (Away)
November 22: Southampton (Home)
November 29: Burnley (Away)
December 2: Crystal Palace (Away)
December 6: Leicester City (Home)
December 13: West Brom (Away)
December 20: Manchester United (Home)
December 26: Swansea City (Away)
December 28: Sunderland (Home)
January 1: Crystal Palace (Home)
January 10: Leicester City (Away)
January 17: Liverpool (Home)
January 31: Arsenal (Away)
February 7: Chelsea (Home)
February 10: Hull City (Away)
February 21: Stoke City (Home)
February 28: Newcastle United (Away)
March 3: West Brom (Home)
March 14: Sunderland (Away)
March 21: Swansea City (Home)
April 4: Manchester United (Away)
April 11: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
April 18: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
April 25: Manchester City (Away)
May 2: Everton (Home)
May 9: West Ham (Home)
May 16: Southampton (Away)
May 24: Burnley (Home)

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August 16: Chelsea (Home)
August 23: Swansea City (Away)
August 30: Manchester United (Home)
September 13: Crystal Palace (Away)
September 20: Sunderland (Home)
September 27: West Brom (Away)
October 4: Leicester City (Away)
October 18: West Ham (Home)
October 25: Everton (Home)
November 1: Arsenal (Away)
November 8: Hull City (Home)
November 22: Stoke City (Away)
November 29: Aston Villa (Home)
December 2: Newcastle United (Home)
December 6: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
December 13: Southampton (Home)
December 20: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
December 26: Liverpool (Home)
December 28: Manchester City (Away)
January 1: Newcastle United (Away)
January 10: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
January 17: Crystal Palace (Home)
January 31: Sunderland (Away)
February 7: West Brom (Home)
February 10: Manchester United (Away)
February 21: Chelsea (Away)
February 28: Swansea City (Home)
March 3: Liverpool (Away)
March 14: Manchester City (Home)
March 21: Southampton (Away)
April 4: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
April 11: Arsenal (Home)
April 18: Everton (Away)
April 25: Leicester City (Home)
May 2: West Ham (Away)
May 9: Hull City (Away)
May 16: Stoke City (Home)
May 24: Aston Villa (Away)

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August 16: Burnley (Away)
August 23: Leicester (Home)
August 30: Everton (Away)
September 13: Swansea (Home)
September 20: Manchester City (Away)
September 27: Aston Villa (Home)
October 4: Arsenal (Home)
October 18: Crystal Palace (Away)
October 25:Manchester United (Away)
November 1: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
November 8: Liverpool (Away)
November 22: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
November 29: Sunderland (Away)
December 3: Tottenham (Home)
December 6: Newcastle (Away)
December 13: Hull (Home)
December 20: Stoke (Away)
December 26: West Ham (Home)
December 28: Southampton (Away)
January 1: Tottenham (Away)
January 10: Newcastle (Home)
January 17: Swansea (Away)
January 31: Manchester City (Home)
February 7: Aston Villa (Away)
February 11: Everton (Home)
February 21: Burnley (Home)
February 28: Leicester (Away)
March 3: West Ham (Away)
March 14: Southampton (Home)
March 21: Hull (Away)
April 4: Stoke (Home)
April 11: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
April 18: Manchester United (Home)
April 25: Arsenal (Away)
May 2: Crystal Palace (Home)
May 9: Liverpool (Home)
May 16: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
May 24: Sunderland (Home)

Crystal Palace
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August 16: Arsenal (Away)
August 23: West Ham (Home)
August 30: Newcastle (Away)
September 13: Burnley (Home)
September 20: Everton (Away)
September 27: Leicester (Home)
October 4: Hull (Away)
October 18: Chelsea (Home)
October 25: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
November 1: Sunderland (Home)
November 8: Manchester United (Away)
November 22: Liverpool (Home)
November 29: Swansea (Away)
December 2: Aston Villa (Home)
December 6: Tottenham (Away)
December 13: Stoke (Home)
December 20: Manchester City (Away)
December 26: Southampton (Home)
December 28: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
January 1: Aston Villa (Away)
January 10: Tottenham (Home)
January 17: Burnley (Away)
January 31: Everton (Home)
February 7: Leicester (Away)
February 10: Newcastle (Home)
February 21: Arsenal (Home)
February 28: West Ham (Away)
March 3: Southampton (Away)
March 14: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
March 21: Stoke (Away)
April 4: Manchester City (Home)
April 11: Sunderland (Away)
April 18: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
April 25: Hull (Home)
May 2: Chelsea (Away)
May 9: Manchester United (Home)
May 16: Liverpool (Away)
May 24: Swansea (Home)

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August 16: Leicester (Away)
August 23: Arsenal (Home)
August 31: Chelsea (Home)
September 13: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
September 20: Crystal Palace (Home)
September 27: Liverpool (Away)
October 4: Manchester United (Away)
October 18: Aston Villa (Home)
October 25: Burnley (Away)
November 1: Swansea (Home)
November 8: Sunderland (Away)
November 22: West Ham (Home)
November 29: Tottenham (Away)
December 3: Hull (Home)
December 6: Manchester City (Away)
December 13: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
December 20: Southampton (Away)
December 26: Stoke (Home)
December 28: Newcastle (Away)
January 1: Hull (Away)
January 10: Manchester City (Home)
January 17: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
January 31: Crystal Palace (Away)
February 2: Liverpool (Home)
February 11: Chelsea (Away)
February 21: Leicester (Home)
February 28: Arsenal (Away)
March 4: Stoke (Away)
March 14: Newcastle (Home)
March 21: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
April 4: Southampton (Home)
April 11: Swansea (Away)
April 18: Burnley (Home)
April 25: Manchester United (Home)
May 2: Aston Villa (Away)
May 9: Sunderland (Home)
May 16: West Ham (Away)
May 24: Tottenham (Home)

Hull City
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August 16: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
August 23: Stoke (Home)
August 30: Aston Villa (Away)
September 13: West Ham (Home)
September 20: Newcastle (Away)
September 27: Manchester City (Home)
October 4: Crystal Palace (Home)
October 18: Arsenal (Away)
October 25: Liverpool (Away)
November 1: Southampton (Home)
November 8: Burnley (Away)
November 22: Tottenham (Home)
November 29: Manchester United (Away)
December 3: Everton (Away)
December 6: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
December 13: Chelsea (Away)
December 20: Swansea (Home)
December 26: Sunderland (Away)
December 28: Leicester (Home)
January 1: Everton (Home)
January 10: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
January 17: West Ham (Away)
Janaury 31: Newcastle (Home)
February 7: Manchester City (Away)
February 10: Aston Villa (Home)
February 21: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
February 28: Stoke (Away)
March 3: Sunderland (Home)
March 14: Leicester (Away)
March 21: Chelsea (Home)
April 4: Swansea (Away)
April 11: Southampton (Away)
April 18: Liverpool (Home)
April 25: Crystal Palace (Away)
May 2: Arsenal (Home)
May 9: Burnley (Home)
May 16: Tottenham (Away)
May 24: Manchester United (Home)

Leicester City
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August 16: Everton (Home)
August 23: Chelsea (Away)
August 30: Arsenal (Home)
September 13: Stoke (Away)
September 20: Manchester United (Home)
September 27: Crystal Palace (Away)
October 4: Burnley (Home)
October 18: Newcastle (Away)
October 25: Swansea (Away)
November 1: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
November 8: Southampton (Away)
November 22: Sunderland (Home)
November 29: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
December 2: Liverpool (Home)
December 6: Aston Villa (Away)
December 13: Manchester City (Home)
December 20: West Ham (Away)
December 26: Tottenham (Home)
December 28: Hull (Away)
January 1: Liverpool (Away)
January 10: Aston Villa (Home)
January 17: Stoke (Home)
January 31: Manchester United (Away)
February 7: Crystal Palace (Home)
February 10: Arsenal (Away)
February 21: Everton (Away)
February 28: Chelsea (Home)
March 4: Manchester City (Away)
March 14: Hull (Home)
March 21: Tottenham (Away)
April 4: West Ham (Home)
April 11: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
April 18: Swansea (Home)
April 25: Burnley (Away)
May 2: Newcastle (Home)
May 9: Southampton (Home)
May 16: Sunderland (Away)
May 24: Queens Park Rangers (Home)

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August 16: Southampton (Home)
August 23: Manchester City (Away)
August 30: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
September 13: Aston Villa (Home)
September 20: West Ham United (Away)
September 27: Everton (Home)
October 4: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
October 18: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
October 25: Hull City (Home)
November 1: Newcastle United (Away)
November 8: Chelsea (Home)
November 22: Crystal Palace (Away)
November 29: Stoke City (Home)
December 2: Leicester City (Away)
December 6: Sunderland (Home)
December 13: Manchster United (Away)
December 20: Arsenal (Home)
December 26: Burnley (Away)
December 28: Swansea City (Home)
January 1: Leicester City (Home)
January 10: Sunderland (Away)
January 17: Aston Villa (Away)
January 31: West Ham United (Home)
February 7: Everton (Away)
February 10: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
February 21: Southampton (Away)
February 28: Manchester City (Home)
March 3: 5 Burnley (Home)
March 14: Swansea City (Away)
March 21: Manchester United (Home)
April 04: Arsenal (Away)
April 11: Newcastle United (Home)
April 18: Hull City (Away)
April 25: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
May 2: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
May 9: Chelsea (Away)
May 16: Crystal Palace (Home)
May 24: Stoke City (Away)

Manchester City
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August 16: Newcastle United (Away)
August 23: Liverpool (Home)
August 30: Stoke City (Home)
September 13: Arsenal (Away)
September 20: Chelsea (Home)
September 27: Hull City (Away)
October 4: Aston Villa (Away)
October 18: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
October 25: West Ham United (Away)
November 1: Manchester United (Home)
November 8: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
November 22: Swansea City (Home)
November 29: Southampton (Away)
December 3: Sunderland (Away)
December 6: Everton (Home)
December 13: Leicester City (Away)
December 20: Crystal Palace (Home)
December 26: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
December 28: Burnley (Home)
January 1: Sunderland (Home)
January 10: Everton (Away)
January 17: Arsenal (Home)
January 31: Chelsea (Away)
February 7: Hull City (Home)
February 11: Stoke (Away)
February 21: Newcastle United (Home)
February 28: Liverpool (Away)
March 4: Leicester City (Home)
March 14: Burnley (Away)
March 21: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
April 4: Crystal Palace (Away)
April 11: Manchester United (Away)
April 18: West Ham United (Home)
April 25: Aston Villa (Home)
May 2: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
May 9: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
May 16: Swansea City (Away)
May 24: Southampton (Home)

Manchester United
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August 16: Swansea (Home)
August 23: Sunderland (Away)
August 30: Burnley (Away)
September 13: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
September 20: Leicester City (Away)
September 27: West Ham (Home)
October 10: Everton (Home)
October 18: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
October 25: Chelsea (Home)
November 1: Manchester City (Away)
November 8: Crystal Palace (Home)
November 22: Arsenal (Away)
November 29: Hull City (Home)
December 2: Stoke City (Home)
December 6: Southampton (Away)
December 13: Liverpool (Home)
December 20: Aston Villa (Away)
December 26: Newcastle United (Home)
December 28: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
January 1: Stoke City (Away)
January 10: Southampton (Home)
January 17: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
January 31: Leicester City (Home)
February 7: West Ham (Away)
February 10: Burnley (Home)
February 21: Swansea City (Away)
February 28: Sunderland (Home)
March 4: Newcastle United (Away)
March 14: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
March 21: Liverpool (Away)
April 4: Aston Villa (Home)
April 11: Manchester City (Home)
April 18: Chelsea (Away)
April 25: Everton (Away)
May 2: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
May 9: Crystal Palace (Away)
May 16: Arsenal (Home)
May 24: Hull City (Away)

Newcastle United
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August 16: Manchester City (Home)
August 23: Aston Villa (Away)
August 30: Crystal Palace (Home)
September 13: Southampton (Away)
September 20: Hull City (Home)
September 27: Stoke City (Away)
October 04: Swansea City (Away)
October 18: Leicester City (Home)
October 25: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
November 01: Liverpool (Home)
November 08: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
November 22: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
November 29: West Ham (Away)
December 02: Burnley (Away)
December 06: Chelsea (Home)
December 13: Arsenal (Away)
December 20: Sunderland (Home)
December 26: Manchester United (Away)
December 28: Everton (Home)
January 01: Burnley (Home)
January 10: Chelsea (Away)
January 17: Southampton (Home)
January 31: Hull City (Away)
February 07: Stoke City (Home)
February 10: Crystal Palace (Away)
February 21: Manchester City (Away)
February 28: Aston Villa (Home)
March 04: Manchester United (Home)
March 14: Everton (Away)
March 21: Arsenal (Home)
April 04: Sunderland (Away)
April 11: Liverpool (Away)
April 18: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
April 25: Swansea City (Home)
May 02: Leicester City (Away)
May 09: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
May 16: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
May 24: West Ham (Home)

Queens Park Rangers
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August 16: Hull (Home)
August 23: Tottenham (Away)
August 30: Sunderland (Home)
Sep 13: Manchester United (Away)
Sep 20: Stoke City (Home)
Sep 27: Southampton (Away)
October 4: West Ham United (Away)
October 18: Liverpool (Home)
October 25: Aston Villa (Home)
November 1: Chelsea (Away)
November 8: Manchester City (Home)
November 22: Newcastle United (Away)
November 29: Leicester City (Home)
December 2: Swansea City (Away)
December 6: Burnley (Home)
December 13: Everton (Away)
December 20: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
December 26: Arsenal (Away)
December 28: Crystal Palace (Home)
January 1: Swansea City (Home)
January 10: Burnley (Away)
January 17: Manchester United (Home)
January 31: Stoke City (Away)
February 7: Southampton (Home)
February 11: Sunderland (Away)
February 21: Hull City (Away)
February 28: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
March 3: Arsenal (Home)
March 14: Crystal Palace (Away)
March 21: Everton (Home)
April 4: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
April 11: Chelsea (Home)
April 18: Aston Villa (Away)
April 25: West Ham (Home)
May 2: Liverpool (Away)
May 9: Manchester City (Away)
May 16: Newcastle United (Home)
May 24: Leicester City (Away)

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August 16: Liverpool (Away)
August 23: West Brom (Home)
August 30: West Ham (Away)
September 13: Newcastle United (Home)
September 20: Swansea City (Away)
September 27: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
October 4: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
October 18: Sunderland (Home)
October 25: Stoke City (Home)
November 1: Hull City (Away)
November 8: Leicester City (Home)
November 22: Aston Villa (Away)
November 29: Manchester City (Home)
December 2: Arsenal (Away)
December 6: Manchester United (Home)
December 13: Burnley (Away)
December 20: Everton (Home)
December 26: Crystal Palace (Away)
December 28: Chelsea (Home)
January 1: Arsenal (Home)
January 10: Manchester United (Away)
January 17: Newcastle United (Away)
January 31: Swansea City (Home)
February 7: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
February 10: West Ham (Home)
February 21: Liverpool (Home)
February 28: West Brom (Away)
March 3: Crystal Palace (Home)
March 14: Chelsea (Away)
March 21: Burnley (Home)
April 4: Everton (Away)
April 11: Hull City (Home)
April 18: Stoke City (Away)
April 25: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
May 2: Sunderland (Away)
May 9: Leicester City (Away)
May 16: Aston Villa (Home)
May 24: Manchester City (Away)

Stoke City
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August 16: Aston Villa (Home)
August 23: Hull City (Away)
August 30: Manchester City (Away)
September 13: Leicester City (Home)
September 20: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
September 27: Newcastle United (Home)
October 4: Sunderland (Away)
October 18: Swansea City (Home)
October 25: Southampton (Away)
November 1: West Ham United (Home)
November 8: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
November 22: Burnley (Home)
November 29: Liverpool (Away)
December 2: Manchester United (Away)
December 6: Arsenal (Home)
December 13: Crystal Palace (Away)
December 20: Chelsea (Home)
December 26: Everton (Away)
December 28: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
January 1: Manchester United (Home)
January 10: Arsenal (Away)
January 17: Leicester City (Away)
January 31: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
February 7: Newcastle United (Away)
February 11: Manchester City (Home)
February 21: Aston Villa (Away)
February 28: Hull City (Home)
March 4: Everton (Home)
March 14: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
March 21: Crystal Palace (Home)
April 4: Chelsea (Away)
April 11: West Ham United (Away)
April 18: Southampton (Home)
April 25: Sunderland (Home)
May 2: Swansea City (Away)
May 9: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
May 16: Burnley (Away)
May 24: Liverpool (Home)

Spoiler: show
August 16: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
August 23: Manchester United (Home)
August 30: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
September 13: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
September 20: Burnley (Away)
September 27: Swansea (Home)
October 04: Stoke City (Home)
October 18: Southampton (Away)
October 25: Arsenal (Home)
November 01: Crystal Palace (Away)
November 08: Everton (Home)
November 22: Leicester City (Away)
November 29: Chelsea (Home)
December 03: Manchester City (Home)
December 06: Liverpool (Away)
December 13: West Ham United (Home)
December 20: Newcastle United (Away)
December 26: Hull City (Home)
December 28: Aston Villa (Away)
January 01: Manchester City (Away)
January 10: Liverpool (Home)
January 17: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
January 31: Burnley (Home)
February 07: Swansea City (Away)
February 11: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
February 21: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
February 28: Manchester United (Away)
March 03: Hull City (Away)
March 14: Aston Villa (Home)
March 21: West Ham (Away)
April 04: Newcastle United (Home)
April 11: Crystal Palace (Home)
April 18: Arsenal (Away)
April 25: Stoke City (Away)
May 02: Southampton (Home)
May 09: Everton (Away)
May 16: Leicester City (Home)
May 24: Chelsea (Away)

Swansea City
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August 16: Manchester United (Away)
August 23: Burnley (Home)
August 30: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
September 13: Chelsea (Away)
September 20: Southampton (Home)
September 27: Sunderland (Away)
October 04: Newcastle United (Home)
October 18: Stoke City (Away)
October 25: Leicester City (Home)
November 1: Everton (Away)
November 8: Arsenal (Home)
November 22: Manchester City (Away)
November 29: Crystal Palace (Home)
December 2: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
December 6: West Ham United (Away)
December 13: Tottenham Hotspur (Home)
December 20: Hull City (Away)
December 26: Aston Villa (Home)
December 28: Liverpool (Away)
January 1: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
January 10: West Ham United (Home)
January 17: Chelsea (Home)
January 31: Southampton (Away)
February 07: Sunderland (Home)
February 10: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
February 21: Manchester United (Home)
February 28: Burnley (Away)
March 4: Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
March 14: Liverpool (Home)
March 21: Aston Villa (Away)
April 4: Hull City (Home)
April 11: Everton (Home)
April 18: Leicester City (Away)
April 25: Newcastle United (Away)
May 2: Stoke City (Home)
May 9: Arsenal (Away)
May 16: Manchester City (Home)
May 24: Crystal Palace (Away)

Tottenham Hotspur
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August 16: West Ham (Away)
August 23 : Queens Park Rangers (Home)
August 30: Liverpool (Home)
September 13: Sunderland (Away)
September 20: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
September 27: Arsenal (Away)
October 4: Southampton (Home)
October 18: Manchester City (Away)
October 25: Newcastle (Home)
November 1: Aston Villa (Away)
November 8: Stoke (Home)
November 22: Hull City (Away)
November 29: Everton (Home)
December 3: Chelsea (Away)
December 6 : Crystal Palace (Home)
December 13 : Swansea (Away)
December 20 : Burnley (Home)
December 26 : Leicester City (Away)
December 28: Manchester United (Home)
January 1: Chelsea (Home)
January 10: C Palace (Away)
January 17: Sunderland (Home)
January 31: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
February 7 : Arsenal (Home)
February 10: Liverpool (Away)
February 21: West Ham (Home)
February 28: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
March 4: Swansea (Home)
March 14 : Manchester United (Away)
March 21: Leicester City (Home)
April 4: Burnley (Away)
April 11: Aston Villa (Home)
April 18: Newcastle (Away)
April 25: Southampton (Away)
May 2: Manchester City (Home)
May 9: Stoke City (Away)
May 16 : Hull City (Home)
May 24: Everton (Away)

West Bromwich Albion
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August 16: Sunderland (Home)
August 23: Southampton (Away)
August 30: Swansea (Away)
September 13: Everton (Home)
September 20: Tottenham (Away)
September 27: Burnley (Home)
October 4: Liverpool (Away)
October 18: Manchester United (Home)
October 25: Crystal Palace (Home)
November 1: Leicester City (Away)
November 8: Newcastle (Home)
November 22: Chelsea (Away)
November 29: Arsenal (Home)
December 2: West Ham (Home)
December 6: Hull City (Away)
December 13: Aston Vila (Home)
December 20: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
December 26: Manchester City (Home)
December 28: Stoke City (Away)
January 1: West Ham (Away)
January 10: Hull City (Home)
January 17: Everton (Away)
January 31: Tottenham (Home)
February 7: Burnley (Away)
February 10: Swansea (Home)
February 21: Sunderland (Away)
February 28: Southampton (Home)
March 3: Aston Villa (Away)
March 14: Stoke (Home)
March 21: Manchester City (Away)
April 4: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
April 11: Leicester City (Home)
April 18: Crystal Palace (Away)
April 25: Liverpool (Home)
May 2: Manchester United (Away)
May 9: Newcastle (Away)
May 16: Chelsea (Home)
May 24: Arsenal (Away)

West Ham United
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August 16: Tottenham (Home)
August 23: Crystal Palace (Away)
August 30: Southampton (Home)
September 13: Hull City (Away)
September 20: Liverpool (Home)
September 27: Manchester United (Away)
October 4: Queens Park Rangers (Home)
October 18: Burnley (Away)
October 25: Manchester City (Home)
November 1: Stoke City (Away)
November 8: Aston Villa (Home)
November 22: Everton (Away)
November 29: Newcastle (Home)
December 2: West Bromwich Albion (Away)
December 6: Swansea (Home)
December 13: Sunderland (Away)
December 20 : Leicester City (Home)
December 26: Chelsea (Away)
December 28: Arsenal (Home)
January 1: West Bromwich Albion (Home)
January 10: Swansea (Away)
January 17: Hull City (Home)
January 31: Liverpool (Away)
February 7: Manchester United (Home)
February 10: Southampton (Away)
February 21: Tottenham (Away)
February 28: Crystal Palace (Home)
March 3: Chelsea (Home)
March 14: Arsenal (Away)
March 21: Sunderland (Home)
April 4: Leicester City (Away)
April 11: Stoke City (Home)
April 18: Manchester City (Away)
April 25: Queens Park Rangers (Away)
May 2: Burnley (Home)
May 9: Aston Villa (Away)
May 16: Everton (Home)
May 24: Newcastle (Away)

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Aug 1, 2012
Bacary Sagna has officially communicated to Arsenal that he has turned down their contract offer and will be leaving the Premier League club this summer.


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Aug 1, 2012
Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner is wanted by Leicester City, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Hull City after being ditched by Arsenal.

New Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is ready to make his former Southampton captain Adam Lallana his first signing.


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Feb 21, 2009
Liverpool have stepped up their interest in Sevilla full-back Alberto Moreno and have made a firm offer of €20million plus Suso- SkySports

Come on Rodgers make this lad your first signing, whatever the cost may be. 15 million pounds is a bargain.

David De Gea says he has been doing all he can to talk Fabregas into joining him at United- SkySports

Do United seriously think they can convince Cesc to join them?


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Aug 1, 2012
According to Daily Mirror Ex-Chelsea, Barca, Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto'o, 33, wants to stay in London and join Arsenal this summer.


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Feb 21, 2009
Liverpool close in on Southampton's Adam Lambert. The deal will be worth around 9m pounds- SkySports

Damn, didn't see that one coming. Rumour is it is part of a joint deal which will see Lallana come for 20m.
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Mar 10, 2010
Liverpool close in on Southampton's Adam Lambert. The deal will be worth around 9m pounds- SkySports

Damn, didn't see that one coming. Rumour is it is part of a joint deal which will see Lallana come for 20m.
Yeah. We have Borini back and with the successful loan spell at Sunderland, I'm pretty sure he'll make a good replacement for either of the SAS. Southampton are asking too much money for Lallana, if not him getting Shaqiri and good CB's will be a good move.


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Aug 1, 2012
According to Daily Mirror Atletico Madrid have rejected a £9million bid from Arsenal for right-back Juanfran, who the Gunners have been lining up as Bacary Sagna's replacement.

Fernando Torres has revealed the pain he caused to Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard when he told him he was leaving Anfield for Stamford Bridge.


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Feb 21, 2009
According to various sources, Liverpool will seal moves for Lallana and Alberto Moreno in the coming days. Meanwhile, Lambert has passed his medical and will be unveiled on Monday.


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Aug 1, 2012
Frank Lampard admits retirement is possible if he doesn't agree to new contract terms at Chelsea.

While Hull City are set to make a £5million bid for Sunderland winger Adam Johnson, who arrived at the Stadium of Light for £10m from Manchester City in 2012.


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Feb 21, 2009
According to Daily Fail, Liverpool have emerged as surprise contenders in the chase for Cesc Fabregas. His contract states that if another club makes a bid, Barca will have to inform them first so that they may match the bid. A move to Arsenal is imminent. Fenway probably wants to make sure Arsenal pay a slightly inflated fee.
My question to Arsenal fans, though, is whether they would want him back after he left during a crucial period for the club.
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    Not to mention, monirors capable of 4k/120Hz over hdmi require an hdmi 2.1 port, which is relatively rare atm
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    It's a good deal for the price. You aren't getting a 4k/120Hz display for a bit more
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    lmao @ mislead. Coming from a guy who has consulted me for display advice, that's incredibly hilarious :ROFLMAO: (receipts can be provided if needed)
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    Besides, VRR works best at higher refresh rates. Not as "game changing" as people think below 60fps
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    chalo i guess i can put that on the backburner for now
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Not a viable solution to overclock monitors
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    GoldenHawk said:
    don't think it will be possible at most you will get 10hz more out of it and it could cause some stability issues if the ports on the monitor are not rated for higher refresh rate
    yeah even factory supported over locks dont go higher than 20-30hz
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    Downsample to shaid 4K bhi karle wo monitor.
  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    Chandoo said:
    well, my last 1080p monitor is able to run in 1440p without any issue. I have to imagine that one might overclock too (?)
    don't think it will be possible at most you will get 10hz more out of it and it could cause some stability issues if the ports on the monitor are not rated for higher refresh rate
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    well, my last 1080p monitor is able to run in 1440p without any issue. I have to imagine that one might overclock too (?)
  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    Even intel hd can push 144hz on Windows so there is no reason to bound yourself to a 60hz panel
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    Chandoo said:
    its not specifically for the console, its just an replacement of the old monitor i have
    doesn't feel like an upgrade . 1440p high refresh is a significantly better investment like Goldie said
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Chandoo said:
    and once again i havent boguht anything yet :p
    fortunately. I'm sure some TV "experts" would've mislead otherwise
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    and once again i havent boguht anything yet :p
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    GoldenHawk said:
    Hardware is always getting more powerful even the 3060 ti is supposed to be able to do 2k 144hz
    benefits of iterative hardware, unlike being stuck to a specification for almost a decade
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    Necrokiller said:
    Why console game on a monitor to begin with when someone has a 4K TCL
    its not specifically for the console, its just an replacement of the old monitor i have
  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    Hardware is always getting more powerful even the 3060 ti is supposed to be able to do 2k 144hz
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Why console game on a monitor to begin with when someone has a 4K TCL
  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    Its just not just gaming everything feels smoother on a high refresh rate monitor even general windows usage and browsing the internet
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  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    but again i'll probably need a lot more new hardware to utilize anything > 60hz, including a new PC which I don't see happening for a long while
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    that does make sense in a way, i guess i can keep looking at some other deals
  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    Better to spend a bit more to get something that will be more future proof 60hz panel in 2020 isnt viable imo
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  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    GoldenHawk said:
    It's a native 60hz panel which is a dealbreaker at least choose one that in addition to 4k60 can go to 120hz on 2k so you can get high refresh rate gaming
    those naturally become a lot more expensive, just looking at it because of price point.
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  • GoldenHawk GoldenHawk:
    It's a native 60hz panel which is a dealbreaker at least choose one that in addition to 4k60 can go to 120hz on 2k so you can get high refresh rate gaming
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    CerebralTiger CerebralTiger: Not to mention, monirors capable of 4k/120Hz over hdmi require an hdmi 2.1 port, which is...