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Apr 16, 2009
So the Apex fad seems to be dying pretty fast. Not surprised. Their business model wasn't that good.

Apex Legends Popularity Declining As Game Struggles To Stay Relevant



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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends patch 1.1.3 improves hit detection and makes stealth tougher[/h]
The patch will also make it more clear when you run out of ammo with certain weapons

Apex Legends’ latest patch is here and while it’s fairly light on content, there are quite a few important quality of life improvements to the game.
The most important change in patch 1.1.3 is all about hit detection. Hit detection determines whether or not fired bullets hit a target. With any online game there’s bound to be a problem or two with how the hit detection works, since it has to be accurate for every player in the game, no matter their location and connection. But Respawn Entertainment’s goal with this patch is to get it as close to accurate as possible. To help with this Respawn also introduced a new diagnostic system that should help them fix future hit detection issues.
“One potential cause of hit registration bugs can be simple internet connection problems. In order to determine how much of a factor this is in reality, we’ve refined the functionality behind our network problem indicator icons in the upper right of the screen. These icons are now pickier about your connection quality and may show up more frequently than they did before,” Respawn said in the notes for patch 1.1.3.
This patch also brings a few other welcome changes. Footstep volume has been updated to better convey distance with closer footsteps playing louder than they used to. Even better, enemy footsteps are now prioritized over ally footsteps, so it should be a lot harder for people to sneak up on you. The patch also updates the “no ammo” and “low ammo” sound effects for certain guns, including the R301, Hemlock, Flatline, and RE45, which were very quiet before.
To see all the changes that have been added with Apex Legends patch 1.1.3 you can see the full patch notes below.
  • Improved audio engine to be around 30% more CPU efficient, lessening the chance of distortion or dropouts.
  • Lowered impact on data loading through code and content changes to improve potential dropout issues.
  • Lowered the master volume of all sounds during the character select screen through the end of the drop sequence.
  • Lowered the volume of Wraith’s ambient kunai knife sound for those who are sensitive to the sound. If it is still bothersome we will remove it in a later patch.
  • Increased the volume of close proximity enemy footsteps for all Legends.
  • Increased the priority of enemy footsteps to ensure the sounds play even in heavy combat situations.
  • Slightly lowered the volume of Pathfinder footstep sounds heard from the first person view.
  • Fixed missing or quiet dryfire (out of ammo trigger click sound) and low ammo (the progressive change in sound that the gun makes as the magazine approaches empty) sounds for the R301, Hemlok, Flatline, and RE45.
  • Increased the volume of the music that plays when winning a match.
  • Added more detailed audio to the Training mission.
One of the biggest issues we had to tackle was improving the audio performance to address reports of sounds dropping out, missing sounds for an extended duration, or distortion for a period of time. We have made improvements both in our code and with our content that will hopefully fix these issues for many players, and should lower the amount and length of time they encounter audio issues for others.
We have also addressed some of the other mix issues with the game, including increasing the volume of close proximity enemy footsteps and lowering the overall volume of the game from the character select screen to the end of the drop sequence. We will continue to monitor mix issues and address them as necessary. Below are the notes on improvements we’ve included in today’s patch as we continue to work on future improvements.
[HR][/HR][h=2]BUG FIXES[/h]
  • Fixed occlusion bug for the Havoc’s “wind down” sound.
  • Fixed issue with automatic weapon fire sounds occasionally getting stuck on, usually after a Legend respawns.
  • Fixed bug with RE45 missing tail sounds (the echo in the environment after the shot) when in close proximity.
As we talked about last week, in this patch we’ve pushed some fixes that should eliminate many cases of incorrect hit registration. This patch also includes some behind-the-scenes tracking of bullet damage logic. We expect there will still be some remaining hit registration problems, but with these fixes and diagnostic information, we are better equipped to track them down.
One potential cause of hit registration bugs can be simple internet connection problems. In order to determine how much of a factor this is in reality, we’ve refined the functionality behind our network problem indicator icons in the upper right of the screen. These icons are now pickier about your connection quality and may show up more frequently than they did before.
These icon changes will be useful in narrowing down the cause of any bugs that we continue to see. Please continue to share videos and report hit registration issues you still encounter after the patch.
[HR][/HR]Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the Fortified Passive ability for Gibraltar and Caustic where they would take damage through shields.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed players to stick objects to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.
Admittedly, it’s been fun to see the results of this, but the behavior is not intended by design and could get out of control. Items will no longer stick to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. However, it will now deflect Arc Stars.
[HR][/HR][h=2]FIX FOR LIFELINE “PICK ME UP” BANNER BUG ON PS4[/h]The issue has been resolved and we will be re-enabling the banner after the patch is live.

  • NOTE: We made changes to client and backend to address this, and it’ll take a little time to take full effect. We’re expecting the error to resolve within a few hours after the patch is live.
We investigated the crash reports from many people who were crashing frequently and found that Intel CPUs sometimes were not executing the instructions properly in one particular function. A common example was an instruction that only reads a register crashed on writing to invalid memory. With the help of many forum users, we found that lowering the clock speed always fixed the crashes, even if the CPU wasn’t overclocked or overheating. Thanks everyone, with a big shout out to Falkentyne, TEZZ0FIN0, JorPorCorTTV, and MrDakk!
This has been by far the most commonly reported PC crash over the last month or so and we’ve notified Intel about the issue. In the meantime, we’ve put a workaround in this patch to avoid the crashing at your original clock speeds just by changing the instructions used by that one function.
Please continue to send your crash logs to our forums so we can analyze and fix any issues you encounter!


Only on PlayStation
Dec 14, 2009

Apex Legends Season 2 is called “Battle Charge,” and it begins on July 2. Electronic Arts confirmed this date at EA Play this morning, where it revealed more details about Season 2 including a new character as well as a new weapon returning from Titanfall 2.

The new weapon is the L-Star light machine gun, which will be able to break down doors.

According to Respawn, the weapon is very powerful, so to balance it, the L-Star will only be available through care packages.

Season 2 will also include a ranked mode, with skill-based matchmaking and ranked tiers. The Season 2 battle pass will also include more content than the Season 1 battle pass, including more skins and materials.

Finally, a new legend is launching in Season 2. Her name is Wattson and she will be a defensive character, able to place electrical fences down that can block enemies’ progress. The character’s lore is that she and her father actually have a deep history with the arena and its formation.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Respawn details Apex Legends’ new gun, season 2 weapon improvements[/h]

The L-STAR could be the game’s new best gun

We’ve known Apex Legends is getting a new light machine gun (LMG) in season 2 since Respawn announced it back at EA Play, but we didn’t have many details. The developer released a season 2 weapon preview on Tuesday that shows off what we can expect from the new L-STAR LMG, as well as a few other changes to look forward to in the new season.
The L-STAR is going to be pretty rare, Respawn says, and will only spawn in supply drops. It’s a slow-firing, heavy-impact LMG that’s going to do a lot of damage.
Respawn said the projectiles the L-STAR fires are going to be slow moving, but that players “don’t have to aim quite as precisely to get good effect on target,” which could mean that there won’t be much different between body shots and headshots. We also learned that the weapon will feature an overheat mechanic if it’s fired for too long consecutively. If the L-STAR overheats, it will have to have its lens replaced which will take a while. Instead, it’s better to feather the trigger and fire the gun in short, controlled bursts.
A few specific buffs are also on the way for weapons like the Flatline, P2020, Alternator, and Triple Take to help make them more viable, but those buffs won’t be officially announced until the season 2 patch notes. Along with their more conventional buffs, the P2020 and Alternator are also getting buffs via some new attachments.
For the P2020, Hammerpoint Rounds is the new attachment and it will cause the gun to do more damage to unshielded enemies. Hammerpoint Rounds can also be applied to the Mozambique, which Respawn says it hopes will convince players to “sometimes carry them unironically into endgame situations.” Meanwhile, the Alternator and the RE-45 are getting a new attachment called Disruptor Rounds, which will deal more damage to shields. Alongside these new attachments, Respawn is also adding Energy Mag attachments to Apex, which will let Energy weapons carry more ammo and reload faster — if you have the level 2 or higher magazine, of course.
Respawn also announced a host of smaller weapon changes. Arc Stars are going to do more damage to players stuck by them but do less area damage. There will be a whole new pool of Golden Weapons that players can find in the hot drop locations each match.
Airdropped weapons will also now shift depending on what stage of the game players are in. If it’s an early game airdrop, it’s more likely to contain a Kraber sniper, since the circle is bigger, while the Mastiff shotgun is more likely to come late-game, to match the range required in the smaller circles. Finally, ammo stacks that players can carry are changing a bit too. Players can now only carry 16 Shotgun ammo per stack — down from 64 — but they’ll be able to carry 80 Energy ammo instead of 60.
These changes, and many more, are set to go live when Apex Legends season 2 starts on July 2. While this post was a preview of the weapon changes players can expect in the new season, it’s still possible that they’ll change between now and the release date, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for the official season 2 patch notes to know for sure what the final changes are.


Dec 28, 2015
So the Apex fad seems to be dying pretty fast. Not surprised. Their business model wasn't that good.

Apex Legends Popularity Declining As Game Struggles To Stay Relevant

is that the number of hours players play or number of hours they watch it on twitch ? Because in diagram it says hours watched ?


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends’ season 2 trailer shows destruction coming to Kings Canyon[/h]

After months outside the arena, it’s finally time for the Leviathans to enter the battle

Respawn released the first full trailer for Apex Legends’ upcoming season and we finally have a good look at the space dinosaur destruction that’s heading to Kings Canyon in season 2.
The trailer starts out with some pretty standard Apex action, but it quickly becomes clear that something isn’t quite right. While some of the legends we recognize like Octane, Mirage, and even Wattson are chasing each other around the map, an unknown character is working away at a laptop from high above. When that character finishes what they’re doing, the containment field around Kings Canyon shuts down and the barriers keeping the dinosaurs out break down.
The dinosaurs, including the giant Leviathans that roam around the map, and the Flyers that have been occasionally getting into the map over the last couple of weeks, waste no time invading the arena. The creatures don’t seem to go after the legends specifically, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe as the Leviathan steps into the map and immediately starts crushing buildings and bridges.
This trailer seems to hint that speculation that these creatures would have some part to play in season 2 is accurate. It also seems like this could be the event that Respawn uses to introduce a few new changes to the Kings Canyon map. With Leviathans roaming around and stepping on everything in sight, there’s sure to be some lasting map damage that players will have to work around next season.
Apex Legends season 2 is set to begin on July 2, and will include a new weapon and a new legend.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Respawn reveals first details on Apex Legends’ ranked mode[/h]

The ranked mode will have six Leagues to progress through

Respawn announced the addition of a ranked mode to Apex Legends at EA Play 2019. The idea behind the ranked mode is to create better quality games, by matching together players of similar skill levels. But until today we didn’t have many details on how the mode would actually work. On Monday, the day before season 2 launches, Respawn released a postdetailing how Apex Legends’ ranked mode will work.
The mode will have six different Leagues that players will have the chance to climb through. Each rank will have four divisions. Every player will start out in Bronze IV, the lowest rank and the lowest division. From there players will have to earn Ranked Points (RP) to rank up. The ranked Leagues start at Bronze and go to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and end at Apex Predator, which has no divisions.
Each match players will earn RP for things like getting kills, which will be worth 1RP each with a cap of five per match, and finishing high. If players finish in the top 10, they’ll gain 2RP, the top five will be worth 4RP, the top three will be worth 7RP, and finishing first will give 12RP. That means in any match a player can earn up to 17RP. For every match a player queues for they’ll also have an entry fee depending on their rank.
The entry fees are as follows:

  • Bronze matches are free
  • Silver matches cost 1RP
  • Gold matches cost 2RP
  • Platinum matches cost 3RP
  • Diamond matches cost 4RP
  • Apex Predator matches cost 5RP
Because each match you enter has a cost, it is possible to lower your rank, but only by division. This means you could go from Gold III to Gold IV, but not from Gold IV to Silver I.
To rank up and enter new Leagues, you’ll need to earn a certain amount of RP. Here are all the RP amounts for each rank for season 2:

Apex Legends ranks Respawn EntertainmentApex’s ranked system will use a rank-based matchmaking system that attempts to put players of similar ranks together. There will be a range, like Silver players being in matches with Gold players, just to keep queues timely. If you’re in a group, the group’s matchmaking rank will be based on the highest ranked player in the lobby.
Respawn also briefly mentions that there will be certain rewards for performance in ranked mode. The only rewards the post talks about for now are badges based on the rank you finish the season in, but it does mention that it’s possible there will be other rewards in the future for high ranked players.
Apex Legends’ ranked mode will be broken into segments that Respawn is calling Series. The first ranked Series will begin on July 2 with the release of season 2 and run for the full duration of the season, ending in September. Future Series may or may not run exactly parallel to the content seasons like this one.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends season 2 patch notes have Wattson and plenty of balance changes[/h]

The game’s biggest balance patch ever

Apex Legends season 2 is bringing with it some of the most substantial balance changes the game has ever had. On top of rebalancing certain weapons and heroes, the patch for the new season also altered the map, and even added a new Legend: Wattson.
Wattson is a more defensive hero than any that have existed in Apex Legends so far. Rather than the traditional strengths of running and gunning, Wattson takes a more careful approach, using her electrified fences to establish perimeters and her Interception Pylon ultimate to stop incoming ordnance and repair damaged shields.
As for the weapon changes, the season 2 patch is bringing with it a new gun called the L-STAR, a slow-firing LMG that players can only get from Airdrops. There are also a few new attachments in the game, including Hammerpoint Rounds which will allow pistols like the P2020 and the Mozambique to do extra damage to unshielded players.
For a look at all the changes coming to Apex Legends in season 2 you can read the full patch notes below.

  • Fires large high-damage plasma projectiles
  • Will overheat if player fires for too long
  • Comes with its own limited ammo supply
  • Only available in Airdrops
New Hop-Up: Disruptor Rounds

  • Increased damage to shielded targets.
  • Compatibility: Alternator / RE-45
New Hop-Up: Hammerpoint Rounds

  • Increased damage to unshielded targets.
  • Compatibility: P2020, Mozambique.
New Attachments: Energy Mags

  • Increases magazine capacity.
  • Increases reload speed at rare and above.
  • Compatibility: Havoc, Triple Take, Devotion.
  • Reduced default mag sizes on compatible weapons.
Skullpiercer Hop-Up: Upgraded to gold tier & increased rarity.

  • damage 16 -> 19

  • damage 12 -> 13
Triple Take x Precision Choke:

  • choke time 1.5 -> 1.1

  • damage 13 -> 15
  • recoil mitigation increased for all barrel attachments.

  • damage 125 -> 145
  • headshot scale 2.0 -> 2.05
  • leg damage scale 0.76 -> 0.8
  • slightly increased rarity
Arc Star Tweaks

  • Increased ignition delay from 2.5 to 2.8 seconds.
  • Sticking a full health player with no armor will now down them.
  • Players at the edge of the explosion no longer get their shields completely shredded.
Ammo Stack Sizes

  • Shotgun max stack reduced from 64 to 16. Players now need multiple stacks of ammo to run a shotty.
  • Energy max stack increased from 60 to 80; now matches Light/ Heavy ammo.
Rotated Gold Weapons

  • Flatline
  • Alternator
  • RE45
  • Mozambique
  • P2020
Airdrop Weapon Spawn Rates

  • L-STAR added to airdrop weapon loot tables.
  • Airdrop weapon spawn rates now change based on early/ mid/ late game. For example, early game will spawn more Krabers, end game will spawn more Mastiffs.
Performance Optimizations

  • Improved performance when firing weapons, especially for multi-projectile weapons like shotguns and Triple Take.
  • In our testing this has contributed to delivering a smoother overall experience on both server and client, particularly during early game combat situations.
Bug fixes

  • Fixed exploit where players could use weapon inspect to cancel out other weapon behaviors.
  • EVA-8: ADS recoil now resettles back to starting point instead of a randomized offset of the starting point.
  • Thermite Grenades: fixed an issue where players downed with thermite could be invincible to thermite after being revived.
[HR][/HR][h=2]GENERAL[/h]Fortified [ Gibraltar, Caustic ]

  • Damage reduction increased: 10% -> 15%
  • Fortified Legends are now immune to slow effects from weapon fire.
Low Profile [ Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder ]

  • Low Profile increases incoming damage by 5%.

  • Eye of the Allfather
Enemies scanned now are tracked in real time instead of leaving a ghost image behind. The tracking lasts for 1.5 seconds.
Increased the angle of the scan to 110 from 90.
  • Tracker
Increased clue duration to 90 seconds from 60 seconds.
Fixed a bug where energy weapons wouldn’t leave behind weapon fired clues.
Fixed a bug where movement clues would sometimes not be generated.

  • Vanishing Act
Mirage can now cancel out of his ultimate cloak early.
Mirage now has a small delay when disabling cloak.

  • Nox Gas
The magnitude of the slow is reduced by 50% when effecting teammates.

  • Dome of Protection
Increased the duration by 3 seconds.
Updated the hit box to better conform with the base model.
We are also planning to make adjustments so his hitbox better reflects Legendary Skins as well for cases where it’s not matching up.

  • D.O.C. heal drone now gets destroyed after 2 damage ticks by the circle.
[HR][/HR][h=2]STATS PAGE[/h]

Apex Legends’ new stats page. Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
  • Added a stats page. You can access it by hovering over your name while in the Lobby and clicking it to inspect. The page will show you your overall account stats as well as access to your stats for each season and Ranked Series.
  • We’re sure you all will have feedback on other stats you’d like to see here. What we’re shipping with Season 2 is just the start and we’re planning to build on it. We won’t promise anything but definitely let us know what other stats you want shown after you’ve played around with it.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: There will be some stats [like assists for example] that will start counting for Season 2 but won’t account for progress before that. This is because until we added the feature, this stuff wasn’t being counted. We’re looking at future improvements to retroactively update these areas that we hope to address down the road.
[HR][/HR][h=2]THE RING[/h]With Season 2, we’ll trying out new circle closing speed, size, and damage that now applies to both Ranked Leagues and the normal Apex Queue.

  • Ring Damage is now the following:
  • Round 1: 2% damage taken per tick.
  • Round 2: 5% damage taken per tick.
  • Round 3: 10% damage taken per tick.
  • Round 4: 20% damage taken per tick.
  • Round 5: 20% damage taken per tick.
  • Round 6 and beyond: 25% damage taken per tick.
Ring start and closing speed is now the following:

  • First Circle
Starts closing after: 3 minutes.
Time to close: 2 minutes.
  • Second Circle
Starts closing after: 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Time to close: 2 minutes.
  • Third Circle
Starts closing after: 2 minutes 15 seconds.
Time to close: 2 minutes.
  • Fourth Circle
Starts closing after: 2 minutes.
Time to close: 2 minutes.
  • Fifth Circle
Starts closing after: 1 minute 30 seconds.
Time to close: 1 minutes 40 seconds.
  • Sixth Circle
Starts closing after: 1 minute 30 seconds.
Time to close: 1 minutes 40 seconds.
  • Seventh Circle
Starts closing after: 2 minutes.
Time to close: 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • Eighth Circle
Starts closing after: 20 seconds.
Time to close: 1 minute 20 seconds.
Ring radius for the first circle has been slightly reduced [it’s about 9% smaller than it was before].
  • Pings
When pinging a closed door, the player will now say “closed door here”.
When pinging an open door, the player will now say “someone’s been here”.
When a player requests a hop up, if the gun only accepts one kind of hop up, the player will callout that specific hop up they are looking for. If the gun accepts multiple hop ups, the player won’t vocalize it but all possible hop ups requested will show up in the obit feed.
  • Arc stars that are stuck to players should no longer fail to do damage when the part of the player it is stuck to is intersecting another object.
  • Made visual improvements to the Legends while in the Lobby and character select.
  • Added improvements and polish to the Legend’s animations while skydiving.
  • Improved melee hit detection on the hover tank while it’s moving.
  • Server optimizations.
  • Improved server and client performance when firing weapons, especially for multi-projectile weapons like shotguns and TripleTake.
  • Large doors and Supply Bins can now be used while viewing them from more extreme angles.
  • Slow Effects will now slow players equally regardless of their controller settings.
  • Wraith’s Heirloom will now more reliably show its lightning visualFX.
  • Heal items will now more reliably show the correct model when switching between different types.
  • General optimizations to improve framerate.
  • Fixed issue with geometry sometimes flickering when viewed from a long distance.
  • Death Box rarity colors are now more visible from a distance.
  • “Send Friend Request” tool-tip now shows up when hovering over teammates Banners while viewing the “Squad Eliminated” screen and “Squads” tab during a match.
  • Made it so that your weapon won’t play its priming animation when you pull it out after skydiving.
  • Fixed issue with skydive continuing to loop falling soundFX after landing.
  • Apex will no longer swap from full screen to windowed mode automatically if you shift to focus on other applications while Apex is booting up.
  • Fixed issue with players seeing their Origin friends listed as offline when they aren’t.
  • Made improvements to voice chat for PC.
  • Fixed issue where you could lose your Steam friends list after restarting Apex on PC.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes players would get a black screen during character select.
  • Added “Flash Hider” description to the Gold Barrel Stabilizer attachment. It always did this but the information wasn’t provided well so we added it to the description when inspecting the attachment.
[HR][/HR][h=2]BUG FIXES[/h]
  • Fixed a hit registration bug that could occur if you fired your weapon while being damaged by an enemy shotgun.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes load screens would not appear properly and players would temporarily see the training map before loading into a match.
  • Fixed issue with players not always hearing selected quip dialogue when performing a finisher or being executed.
  • Fixed issue with Apex not working correctly when SLI or Crossfire is enabled.
  • Fixed bug with the consumables wheel sometimes appearing blank.
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes get stuck on the Battle Pass Level screen.
  • Fixed bug where The Unlock button would be greyed out when it shouldn’t be when trying to view rewards.
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes be unable to exit the Battle Pass tab after selecting it from the Lobby.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could jump while downed.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the client would crash to the Dashboard when entering character select on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a bug where pinging a sniper stock in your inventory would show up as “looking for Grip”
  • Fixed a bug that caused players and loot to begin sliding permanently or launching inconsistently onto Supply Ship surfaces after doing melee attacks against the Supply Ship walls.
  • Fixed bug that could cause players to shift to a location under the map when switching between players while spectating.
  • Fixed bug for cases where performing a melee attack while inspecting an item would cause the attack to slow down and not deal damage.
  • [X1 only] Fixed bug where players were not being rewarded “The Player” achievement after hitting level 50. If you have reached level 50 and not received it in the past it should now be awarded retroactively.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused Apex to crash when plugging a PS4 controller into your PC while the game is active.
  • Fixed bug that caused an “Out of Bounds” warning and timer while riding the Supply Ship over certain areas of Kings Canyon.
  • General improvements to game stability related to various script errors.

  • Bloodhound
Fixed bug where players wouldn’t create movement evidence markers unless they were sprinting.
Fixed bug where sometimes energy weapons wouldn’t create ‘weapon fired’ evidence markers.
  • Wraith
Fixed bug where Wraith’s jetpack boosters could still be seen while phasing.
Fixed issue where in some rare cases, performing a Finisher while down player is entering a Wraith Portal.
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to place extra Dimensional Portals.
  • Octane
Fixed a bug that caused throwable items to bounce off a jump pad without actually touching it.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends players get a new Wattson skin and a new L-STAR skin with Twitch Prime[/h]

More skins are on the way soon

In honor of the launch of Apex Legends season 2, Twitch and developer Respawn Entertainment are partnering to give players new skins for the game’s two newest additions: Wattson and the new L-STAR light machine gun.
These two new skins are both being released as part of a themed pack that’s mostly focused on sparkly things and unicorns. Wattson’s skin is called Sweet Dreams and is a purple and yellow jumpsuit with two different kinds of unicorns on it. The L-STAR skin is called Stellar Stallion and it too features a lot of purple with what is either a horse or a unicorn.

The L-STAR’s Stellar Stallion skin Respawn EntertainmentThe two new skins are available to any players that have linked their Origin account with their Twitch account and have Twitch Prime. To claim the reward you can click on the crown icon at the top right of the screen when you’re on Twitch, or you can follow this link.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends gets a limited-time solo mode[/h]

The Iron Crown Collection Event will let players compete solo

Since Apex Legends’ release earlier this year, fans have been clamoring for the chance to compete alone. So far, the game has only allowed squads of three, but that’s about to change thanks to an upcoming Iron Crown Collection event announced via the Apex Legends Twitter account.

The video features some of the game’s most recognizable Legends, like Bangalore and Bloodhound, standing with their squad mates who slowly fade away. Then when they’re on their own, the trailer tells us that only one can reign supreme.
The trailer also says that the solo mode will only run for a limited time, probably just while the Iron Crown Collection event is happening. However, if the mode proves popular it’s always possible that Respawn could bring it back permanently. We’ve already seen that happen once with Apex Legends. The game’s ranked mode, or a version of it, was added during Bloodhound’s event, while the real ranked mode didn’t debut until season 2’s launch.
The trailer doesn’t shine any light on what the actual event will be like, but if the Bloodhound event was any example, we can probably expect a few new cosmetics to come along as well. The Iron Crown Collection event will start on Aug. 13 and run through Aug. 27.




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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends’ new event brings a new area to the map, new skins, and a solo mode[/h]

There are even a few balance changes coming with the patch


Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event is giving the game a massive midseason update. The event added a new area to the map, new skins, new challenges, a solo game mode, and a balance patch full of changes.
The biggest change comes in the form of the new Gauntlet map area. Located in the southwest section of Kings Canyon, the new area is entirely inspired by Octane. It’s got a ramp, jump pads, and even a giant ring of fire in the middle. While the event is only set to last for two weeks, it’s unclear if the Gauntlet will stick around on the map or disappear with the event.
The Iron Crown also brings with it a whole set of skins to Apex Legends. The skins are all knight-themed, putting heroes like Wraith and Pathfinder in armor that seems inspired by medieval times. To get these skins, players will have to buy them from loot boxes.
There are a few weapon skins and character cosmetics that will be available for Crowns, a new currency unique to this event. Players can earn crowns by completing challenges — one of which sends you to Octane’s Gauntlet to jump through the flaming ring — or as drops in loot boxes. Once the event is over, any Crowns players earn will automatically be converted to crafting material.
Iron Crown also has a brand new way to play Apex Legends, as it introduces the game’s first ever solo mode. This mode sends players into Kings Canyon alone and lets them fight for survival in hopes of being the last player standing.
Finally, this mid-season update for Apex Legends’ season 2 also brings with it a variety of balance changes. For a full look at all the changes in the Iron Crown patch, you can read the patch notes below.
  • Fixed issue where assigned challenges not resetting properly and giving rewards.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect calculation of Kill/Death Ratio in player stats.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a Care Package would clip into map geometry.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes showing Apex Predator ranked players RP as zero when viewing the badge in the Lobby.
  • Fixed issue with players having connection issues when trying to join a squad that has already played a match.
  • Fixed issue where Daily and Weekly Challenges would reset earlier than communicated in the game.
  • [Xbox Only] Fixed bug where players would sometimes not receive “The Player” achievement when hitting level 50.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Arc Stars would attach to players and some objects at a distance and appear to float off of them.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes Arc Stars would not explode or do no damage when it detonates.
  • Fixed issue with players sometimes unable to unlock the “Double Duty” Badge.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes using a healing item while experiencing bad ping would cause them to heal for twice as much.
  • Added a Death Recap to the end of match summary that will display a damage summary of your last battle.
  • Improved the UI during the Match Summary to better show Battle Pass progression.
Added In-game Survey

  • While playing you may get a prompt that will pop up asking if you enjoyed the last match. This data will be helpful to us so please provide your input when you see it.
  • Added option to spectate your squadmates after dying.
  • Added option to “Invite Squad” in the Squad Tab.
  • Players should no longer lose RP when experiencing a server crash or disconnect in Ranked Mode.
  • Fixed issue where squadmates could not ping a friendly Wraith portal.
  • Fixed issue where players could pull other players out of a match by joining them, and then joining another friend from the Lobby.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a player would get left behind from their squad in the Lobby after they enter a match.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes get a “Party Not Ready” error message even though they were no longer in a party.
  • Fixes that should improve overall game stability to reduce crashes.
[HR][/HR][h=2]WEAPON BALANCE[/h]Disruptor Rounds with Alternator:

  • Reduced Shielded damage multiplier 1.7 -> 1.55.
  • Designer Notes: Disruptor rounds on the alternator are shredding shields a bit too quickly and still proving to be stronger than intended, so we’re reducing the disruptor rounds multiplier on shield damage.

  • Increased Magazine Size for all tiers to the following:
  • Base: 16
  • Common: 19
  • Rare: 22
  • Epic: 25
  • Designer Notes: We’re giving the RE-45 a small boost in power by giving it one more round for every mag size. Downing a non-fortified enemy with the RE-45 with 0, 50, 75, and 100 shields requires 10, 14, 16, and 19 shots respectively, so this extra round gives the gun the ability to one-mag more armored enemies instead of leaving them barely alive.

  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil. Slightly increased recoil pattern randomness.
  • Designer Notes: We’ve made these changes as we’ve seen that the R301 is a bit stronger than intended at long range. We’ve adjusted recoil to balance keeping it effective at medium to close range--which is the original intent--but it should be more difficult for players to auto fire and still laser enemies at long distances.

  • Made adjustments to Pathfinder’s and Low-Profile Legends hitboxes.
  • Taking shots to the hip now does torso damage instead of leg damage. This should more closely match the behavior of the other Legends.
  • Fixed a bug where activating a healing item would cancel the Ultimate for Legends that need to prime it [Bangalore / Pathfinder / Caustic / Gibraltar / Bloodhound]
  • Fixed an exploit where players would sometimes be able to still shoot while downed.

  • Increased the distance that Bloodhound can see traversal clues left by other players [but not other kinds of clues] to 25 meters.
  • Adjusted the area of effect for Bloodhound’s Tactical to 125 fov.

  • Based on player feedback, we’ve reduced the “hum” audio that’s playing while using Wraith’s Kunai.
  • Fixed issue where actions for Wrath would have a slight delay when her weapon is holstered and crouching or sliding while the kunai is equipped.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to remove the cooldown for Wraith’s Tactical Ability.

  • Fixed bug where Mirage was able to stay invisible and still be able to shoot and melee when using his Ultimate on a zipline.

  • Fixed bug where sometimes Octane’s Jump Pad would not launch the player.


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[h=1]Apex Legends: Crypto abilities and Ultimate[/h]

Here’s how the newest Legend works in Apex

Apex Legends season 3 has arrived and it brought Crypto, the game’s newest Legend, with it. Crypto is a skilled hacker and one of the game’s most supportive characters. Every piece of Crypto’s kit is designed to work together to help give his team all the information they need to win every firefight.
Here’s a rundown of all of Crypto’s abilities and how they work together.
[h=2]TACTICAL ABILITY — SURVEILLANCE DRONE[/h]Crypto main tool is his Surveillance Drone ability. The ability activates Crypto’s drone and lets it start exploring the area. As it floats around the drone will uncover enemy positions and can even provide Crypto with a view of the battlefield from high above, or behind enemy lines.
[h=2]PASSIVE ABILITY — NEUROLINK[/h]When Crypto’s Surveillance Drone detects and enemy near Crypto they’re marked for Crypto and his allies to see.
[h=2]ULTIMATE ABILITY — DRONE EMP[/h]Crypto’s Surveillance Drone emits and EMP blast that deal shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps. While this ability is extra useful when your enemy is in a fortified position, the shield damage and slow mean that it can give you the leg up in almost any fight.
Looking for quick rundowns on the other characters in Apex Legends? Here’s the gang:



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[h=1]Respawn reveals first details for Apex Legends season 4, including a new Legend[/h]

Forge is the next new Legend coming to Apex


Apex Legends is nearing its first anniversary, and to celebrate, developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed the first details for season 4. A developer livestream today showed some of the changes coming to the battle royale, a new weapon, and a preview of Apex’s newest Legend.
The new character, Forge, is an up-close-and-personal brawler. As a former MMA champion, it seems likely that Forge’s abilities will focus on letting him get close to enemies and handle things with his fists rather than a gun.
Forge is the first Legend to have an in-game sponsor, in the form of Hammond Robotics. While the fictional company hasn’t made much of an appearance in Apex Legends yet, it is well known within the Titanfall universe in which the game is set. Hammond is a major arms manufacturer and produces Titans, various other robotic munitions, and even has an Aerospace division. During the livestream, Respawn teased changes for the World’s Edge map, (introduced in season 3) and said Hammond Robotics may have something to do with them.
Respawn also revealed the Sentinel, a new sniper rifle for season 4. The team didn’t give many specifics, but developers did say it will be bolt-action, making it a slower, but more powerful sniper than what’s in the game already. It seems the Sentinel will also have a charged firing mode that lets players set up for high-risk shots to deal even more damage.
Apex Legends’ ranked mode will see changes in season 4 as well. During the stream, senior gameplay designer Chin Xiang Chong said ranked play will be divided into two periods, with the first beginning with the new season. In the middle of the season, that split will end, resetting progress so players can start over in a second ranked split. Both splits will take place on different maps. The first puts ranked players on World’s Edge and the second re-introduces Kings Canyon, the map from Apex Legends’ first two seasons. At the end of the season, the ranked rewards that players receive will be based on the highest rank earned across the two splits.
Apex Legend’s anniversary event will also offer rewards celebrating the game’s first year. Players can get a paper crane gun charm, along with a new badge whose look changes slightly depending on when they started playing the game. The event will include a limited time XP boost, as well as a few other rewards that will be revealed later.
The new season begins Feb. 4, the date of Apex Legends’ first anniversary.



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[h=1]Apex Legends’ season 4 launch trailer reveals the origins of Revenant[/h]

Revenant is the latest character to join Apex Legends, and in the game’s season 4 launch trailer, Respawn Entertainment shows us the origins of the terrifying assassin.
The trailer starts out with a calm and collected hitman preparing for his day before receiving a new contract. It quickly cuts to a high-profile dinner, where the assassin’s target sits at a table with his wife and daughter. The dinner is cut short when Revenant arrives. Revenant is a twisted cyborg with a skull-like face — the same one that interrupted the Forge interview in the trailer from earlier this week.
The guards that stand around the target are apparently no match for Revenant as he takes them out with ease. Just when it seems he’ll be overpowered by the guards, his entire body starts to smolder, and smoke swirls around him. He uses this smoke to disappear at one point, reappearing behind a guard to use his own weapon against him. While we don’t know anything for sure, it certainly seems like these smoldering and smoky states could be previews of the abilities Revenant will bring with him to Apex Legends.
Revenant finally gets his targets — both the man he was assigned and his partner-in-crime wife. After he finishes his mission, we see that the man from the beginning of the trailer is what Revenant used to be, but they’re only memories. He looks down at his hand and sees the logo of Hammond Robotics, which could be the company that turned him into the cyborg assassin he is now.
Revenant is part of Apex Legends season 4, called Assimilation, and should be out near the beginning of the season, which starts on Feb. 4.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Apex Legends season 4 brings massive changes to the map and a new weapon[/h]

Revenant is here, and World’s Edge now looks very different


Apex Legends’ latest season is bringing destruction to World’s Edge. As part of the beginning of season 4 it looks like Respawn has destroyed parts of the map, which should change the way players interact with those areas. Other changes in the season 4 patch include the addition of Revenant, the game’s newest Legend, a new weapon, a new battle pass, and a few balance changes.
Revenant has the ability to move across the map more quickly than the game’s other Legends, as well as disable enemy abilities. Most importantly, his ultimate gives him the ability to cheat death, letting him revive at a specific Totem when he reaches zero health rather than going down.
Season 4’s new weapon is the Sentinel Sniper Rifle. Aside from simply being a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle, with the shield battery attachment equipped players can charge up an especially strong shot that does extra damage.
As part of the season’s new map changes there are also a few new points of interest coming to World’s Edge. The biggest new area of the map is The Planet Harvester, a huge multi-tiered structure for players to fight in and around. There’s also now a giant fissure that has cut through the middle of Capitol City, dividing it into two separate areas.
Finally, the patch includes all kinds of balance changes including updates to the accuracy of iron sights on over a dozen guns. Individual guns also got some slight tuning adjustments including damage reductions for both the L-Star and the R-99. This patch also gave Bloodhound a buff that lets them extend the duration of Beast of the Hunt if they down players while using the ability.
For a full look at everything that’s changing in Apex Legends season 4 update, you can find the full patch notes below.
[HR][/HR][h=2]APEX LEGENDS SEASON 4 PATCH NOTES[/h]New weapon: Sentinel Sniper Rifle
The Sentinel is a bolt action sniper rifle, effective at medium to long range. If a player presses the “fire select” with a shield battery equipped, the Sentinel will consume the shield battery from your inventory and temporarily enters an energized state. While energized, the Sentinel fires projectiles that deal massive damage to shields. The projectiles use different VFX trails, and there is a unique energized firing sound, so all nearby players know that the Sentinel is firing these higher damage projectiles.

The Sentinel has a limited amount of energy that decays slowly over time, and loses a big chunk of juice for each shot. Once the energy runs out, the energized state ends.
[h=2]MAP UPDATE[/h]
  • THE PLANET HARVESTER With its large, multi-level design the Planet Harvester is unlike anything else on World’s Edge and brings exciting new gameplay options to the game.
  • CAPITOL CITY SPLIT IN TWO Capitol City was the biggest POI in Season 3, getting the most action right out of the ship. By sending the fissure straight through Capitol City and creating some dead space in between (swallowing up one of the construction buildings as well), we essentially split this area into two separate zones for players to land in and loot: Fragment East and Fragment West.
  • THE UPDRAFTS If you jump into the fissure that cuts through Capitol City you’ll slowly be carried back up from the heated, pressurized air, and allowed to coast across and land on the other side. This is balanced by two things. First, you take 25 damage from the intense heat and embers floating inside. This is a consistent amount of damage every time you drop back down. Second, you travel very slowly, in third person, while moving in the updraft.
  • SURVEY CAMP This is a new, small POI in the snowy fields between the Epicenter and Skyhook.
  • WEAPON RACKS These are guaranteed weapons placed on racks in the small buildings of Survey Camp. You’ll recognize them from Training or the Firing Range. This should give players who prioritize a good weapon over a premier drop location a new decision to make.
[h=2]RANKED SERIES 3[/h]
  • Moving to Splits per season, ~6 weeks of ranked play before a reset
  • Adding Master Tier, Apex Predator becomes top 500 players by platform.
  • Soft reset and scoring are the same, but soft reset is every split.
  • Dive trails will be moving to a seasonal reward model, but Series 1 & 2 players are grandfathered in.
  • The update to how assists are scored in Series 3 also applies to Revenant’s Silence ability.
[h=2]ANNIVERSARY LOGIN GIFT[/h]For the first week of Season 4 - Assimilation (Feb 4, 2020 - Feb 11, 2020), anyone who logs in during that time will receive the Anniversary Gift, which includes:

  • Year 1 Origami Flyer charm (if you’ve got any ideas for cotton, please let us know)
  • Year 1 Loyalty badge
  • 10k XP for your first match of the day (available each day)
  • The Loyalty badge comes in 3 different flavors depending on when you took your first leap from the drop ship, so feel free to flex on all your latecomer buddies.
[h=2]LOOT[/h]NEW LOOT: SNIPER AMMO [10 shots per pickup]
All snipers now take new ammo type:

  • Sentinel
  • Longbow DMR
  • TripleTake
  • Charge Rifle [now uses 1 sniper ammo per shot. Magazine holds 4 shots]
  • New attachment: extended magazine for Sniper ammo.
  • Energy Ammo: Now gives 30 ammo per pickup instead of 20.
  • Removed Loot: Turbocharger Hop, Extended mags for energy ammo
  • Gold Backpack: UI update to better convey to players when they are using or being revived with the perk.

[h=2]WEAPONS[/h]Updated iron sight accuracy

Developer Note: Apex guns move around subtly while ADS — they rotate and sway as you move your aim, they bob up and down and side to side while moving, etc.
We have special tech that makes sure the reticle on the optics stays centered even as the gun moves around a bit. However, until season 4, the ironsights on weapons didn’t have this tech. That meant that the ironsights reticles could move around with the weapon and actually be slightly inaccurate — they wouldn’t point at the screen center where the next shot would fire. With season 4, we have updated most of the weapons’ ironsights to properly stay centered now. Not all ironsights are upgraded yet, but we will be updating the remaining weapons as this season progresses. The weapons that will be updated for Season 4 are:

  • Longbow DMR
  • TripleTake
  • Charge Rifle
  • Sentinel Sniper Rifle
  • Havoc
  • R-301
  • Flatline
  • Spitfire LMG
  • R-99
  • Alternator
  • Mozambique
  • Mastiff
  • RE-45
  • Wingman
G7 Scout

  • Moved from “Sniper” to the “Assault Rifle” class.
  • Now only accepts AR optics and attachments [including barrel stabilizers and stock].
  • Still accepts Double Tap hop-up.
  • Contributes to progress for stats/challenges for AR’s moving forward.
  • Reduced fire rate 4.5 -> 4.0
  • Increasing time between shots for double tap 0.425 -> 0.475
  • Fixed bug where G7 had 0 ADS air spread, making it the only gun that was perfectly accurate on ziplines, etc.

  • Uses energy ammo.
  • Reloading has been removed and the L-STAR will overheat after sustained fire so best to fire in short bursts to manage overheating and recoil.
  • Damage reduced per shot 19 -> 18
  • Rate of Fire decreased 12 -> 10
  • Less horizontal viewkick when the weapon fires.

  • Magazine size: 54
  • Total ammo stock: 162
  • Turbocharger functionality.

  • No longer accepts the Turbocharger hop-up [turbocharger has been removed from the game] but can still equip Select Fire.
  • Decreased time between shots when using Select Fire hop-up .77 -> .56

  • Reduced damage per shot 12 -> 11
  • Increased magazine size for the first 3 tiers:
  • Base: 18 -> 20
  • Common: 20 -> 22
  • Rare: 23 -> 24
  • Epic: 27 -> 27

  • Increased damage per shot 14 -> 15

  • Increased single-shot rate of fire 5.6 -> 6.4


Adjusted magazine sizes:

  • Base: 4 -> 5
  • Common: 6 -> 6
  • Rare: 8 -> 7
  • Epic: 10 -> 8

  • Double Tap hop-up: reduced the delay between bursts: 0.85 -> 0.80

  • Fixed an exploit that players discovered and reported where you could rapidly fire the Mastiff.
Gold weapons update
The following will be the new set of Gold Weapons for Season 4:

  • Havoc
  • P2020
  • Sentinel
  • Prowler
  • R-301

  • Downing (not killing) players adds 5 seconds to Beast of the Hunt timer. It is possible to exceed starting time with successive kills.

  • EMP no longer destroys friendly Gibraltar Dome Shields.
  • Dome Shields no longer can stick to Crypto’s Drone.
[h=2]BUG FIXES[/h]
  • Fixed bug that was causing players that reached account level 500 to crash or access their inventory or store.
  • Fixed bug where player level text would appear on the badges of level 100 badge when it wasn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed bug for some cases where players were unable to equip weapons from care packages when attempting to swap it with an existing weapon.
  • Fixes for a few bad spots in World’s Edge where players were getting stuck or getting to places they shouldn’t - thank you to everyone that’s been capturing and reporting these issues and keep them coming!
  • Fixed bug where sometimes when the Jumpmaster disconnects then the followers in their squad would float in mid-air and be unable to unfollow.
  • General stability fixes.
  • Fixes for cases where approaching the edge of the Circle would make the players screen turn almost all white.
  • Updated colorblind settings based on player feedback.
  • Community Request: added a Random Favorites option for unlocked skins that can be found in the Legend customization menu.
  • You’ll see an option to “favorite” skins you’ve unlocked [Y button on consoles].
  • Choosing Random Favorite option from the skins menu will randomly cycle your chosen favorite Legend skins in between matches.
  • Increased the timer for when you can still be credited for an assist after dealing damage: 5 seconds -> 7.5 seconds.
  • Nerfed the Roller that falls from the Loot Drone. Reduced damage. Decreased radius of splash damage. Updated the visual FX to the explosion for better visibility.
  • “Target Compensation” and “Melee Target Compensation” options have been moved to the “Advanced Look Controls” menu.
[h=2]PENALTIES AND LOSS FORGIVENESS IN RANKED MODE[/h]Developer Note: There are some changes coming to loss forgiveness to reduce abuse of the system. Loss forgiveness when a teammate leaves or fails to connect is unchanged, and is working as intended. We will be limiting the RP loss forgiveness when you leave once per day. If you exceed once per day more than three times per ranked series, you lose all forgiveness for the remainder of that series. Once these limits are reached players will no longer receive RP loss forgiveness when abandoning a match, regardless of the reason for quitting. We will continue to display prompts that alert you that leaving will count, and now will alert you when you are about to run out of loss forgiveness games.The scaling penalties are the same as last Series.
PLAYERS CRASHING WITH DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG Some player are experiencing an issue where Apex is crashing with a “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” error message. We are working closely with NVIDIA to help determine the cause of the issue and provide gamers with a solution (via updated driver or game patch) as soon as possible.
Helpful Information When Reporting: Graphics card vendor/model (ie: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080) Driver version: (ie: 441.66) Any pattern to repro? (specific location, certain duration of gameplay, etc.)
Developer Note: With this patch we’ll be pushing out changes globally to matchmaking that we’ve been testing in specific regions. We’re well aware that this has been a contentious topic among players and there’s been some misinformation out there so just to be clear: skill-based matchmaking has existed in Apex since launch and we’ll be continuing to improve it over time.



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[h=1]Duo mode is back for Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day event[/h]

The event will run from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18


Apex Legends duo mode is back just in time for Valentine’s Day. The fan-favorite mode will be part of the game’s Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event which will also include a few new cosmetics.
The duo mode was first released back in November 2019 and became an instant hit with players. The mode lets players drop into matches in pairs, rather than groups of three like the game’s standard mode. But after that first limited time event, the mode disappeared and players have been asking for it back ever since. Finally Respawn is bringing it back, but it’ll once again only be around for a limited time.
The Valentine’s Day event will also include new cosmetics including a Valentine’s 2020 Bade, new Pathfinder and Nessie gun charms, as well as the return of last year’s Through the Heart DMR and Love the Game banner.
Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous, and the game’s duo mode, will run from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18.
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