PC Nvidia RTX 3080 Revealed


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Aug 25, 2010
I know Zotac's are the first one's to arrive in Pakistan and i also had 2 Zotac Trinity's reserved (had even paid 50k advance) which now i have taken back.

DON'T BUY ZOTAC TRINITY. I know Zotac's reliability was always low but this time around their Zotac 3080 Trinity has a serious flaw where they cheaped out on components and used all 6 POSCAP capacitors on it which isn't reference as Nvidia uses 4 POSCAP and 2 MLCC. Result is at higher clocks you get CTD (Crash to desktop). The same goes for Gigabyte.
Stick to MSI/Asus or better yet wait for Navi 21 which is supposed to have good performance and 16 GB VRAM.
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    Chandoo Chandoo: Shouldn't Ninja Theory be working on Senua's Saga ? They announced it what .. 2, 3 years ago ?