Need help regarding a dead gpu


Apr 16, 2018
underclocking your GPU is also a way to avoid artifacts and crashes for a brief period of time like 1 2 months after that it needs to repair !! also if someone knows a good repairing shop in Karachi my 7970 crashes a lot and now it doesn't even give display !!


Sep 15, 2015
Aoa guys, im facing some issue with my 1080ti in which the games freeze sometimes with a specific color like brown or green and sometimes like in the pic below, it works for a while before this happens. It varies from 5 mins to 15 or 20 or sometimes an hour even but it does happen at some point. sometimes when the freeze happens, my gpu fans go to full speed and get very loud. Has anybody faced such an issue here, if not can you link me to some expert repair guy like the ayaz person mentioned on this thread? Thanks
Artifacts means you gpu is failling...the only thing i would think to try is lowering the clock speed (underclock) of the gpu and also clean it and see if the psu can handle your gpu
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