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Oct 27, 2011
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These are NOT the marketplace rules, you can find those here.

This is more of a guide, or tips and tricks sort of thread. Common sense after all, is very uncommon in the marketplace so this is made for you all who would like to have the perfect marketplace ad and not have me on your ass all day deleting your threads and telling you what's wrong with it.

1) Image hosting:

The biggest issue for marketplace threads is not being able to view images, well this is because everyone uses different image hosting sites and/or don't know the correct format of posting links.

You need the direct image link for the photo you uploaded, it should look like this:

Spoiler: show

However, once you put tags around it, it looks like this:




Now, you can't just use any image host. Imgur links do NOT work with PG, and they come up as broken links for most users. Photobucket has recently stopped 3rd party image hosting, so that won't work anymore either. Google Drive or Google Photos do not give direct links to their photos, so wrapping Google Drive/Photos links in IMG tags will also display the broken link icon.

There are three good image hosting sites I can suggest, that don't compress photos and allow you to have accounts to easily manage your photos, and they're free.

- ImgBox
- CubeUpload
- PostImage

2) Tradescore / iTrader profiles:

Look at the tradescore of the member you're about to deal with or are dealing with. This is common sense, however some people tend to miss out on this point and then end up getting scammed.

If their iTrader profile looks like this:

Then stay away, in fact, you should refrain from dealing, or be very cautious when dealing with members with negative trade scores.

If however their iTrader profile looks like this:

Then you can deal with confidence and there's nothing to be suspicious about.

3) Use the f*cking report button.

Mini-modding is not appreciated, and it creates a mess for us to clean up when you start a fight with the OP in their marketplace thread. If you find any of their posts out of line, report it to a mod either by hitting the report button, or PM me the thread link.
Interfering yourself by ordering the OP around isn't going to end well.

4) H2H deals:

Always deal with the buyer/seller in a public place, not some shady dark alley, or inside his car in an empty plot behind your local cigarette wala's shop, unless of course you want THIS to happen.

Whatever the deal may be, both parties should decide on a public place where you should check your product and count your cash properly before leaving to avoid any issues or troubles later, for example:

'You see a phone while meeting the buyer, you check it for 10-15 mins, but after you go home, it develops issues and the seller is being a prick and you lost your hard earned money' so you bring your sorrows to Team PG, no. Don't do that. Check the item as thoroughly as you can, and only then hand over the cash.

5) Out of city deals:

Dealing with members in another city can be tricky sometimes. How do you send/receive the payment?

Well, if you're above 18 and you have a job, chances are that you have a bank account, if so, your bank will most likely have Online Banking, you can sign up for that and easily transfer payments to people with an account in the same bank, or even a different bank.

If online banking is not feasible for you however, you can use Mobile accounts like JazzCash and Easypaisa.

These are both secure ways of sending and receiving money and are very helpful when sending small amounts of money (below 10,000 rs).

NOTE: Do make it clear to the person you're dealing with about any transaction or bank charges, it is a common issue and sometimes buyers will ask the seller to compensate them for the bank charges.

6) Out of city shipping:

When shipping an expensive product to a different city, always arrange Insurance, Special Handling Service (SHS) and for the courier guy to put a fragile sticker on it.
No one wants to receive a broken piece of shit because the TCS guy dropped it t while loading it in to the truck.

Always be considerate to other members, ship it as neatly as you can, and have the TCS guy tape it as much as he can so the package is as secure as possible.

The phrase 'Shipping on buyers risk and expense' is often misunderstood or completely ignored.
The first part of it means that the seller won't take responsibility for the product once it's shipped since it's not an H2H deal.
The second part means the buyer will bear the shipping expenses, if this isn't feasible for both parties, decide to split the cost 50/50 or work something out with the seller.

It's also common courtesy to provide the tracking number of the consignment to the buyer immediately since they'd like to keep track of their product. I usually just send a picture of the TCS receipt which shows details of the item shipped, the date and time and the tracking number.

7) Scammer radar:

Don't ever fall for ads that have generic images like this:

You'd have to be an absolute idiot to even think about dealing with someone who uploads pics like that, but it has happened before, so I had to bring this up.

These are just a few that I can think of at the moment, more will be added as I think of them and you can suggest them as well.

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