Looking For CSGO Players In Karachi........ Anyone who thinks he is good enough..... Jump In!

Taimoor Baig

The Artful Dodger
Mar 1, 2018
Malir, Karachi, Pakistan
Hello and Assalam o alaikum. I am Mirza Taimoor Baig and I am leading a team to compete in an upcoming and biggest gaming competition in Pakistan..... For more info about the event...Visit here: Dewarena.pk

These are the requirements to join my team:

1. No Gender Preference (Girls/Boys)

2. Must be 16+ years in age

3. Must have a Steam Account

4. Must own a original CSGO game ( I can arrange if you don't have one )

5. Players in Malir and nearby areas are first preference BUT if u can guarantee your attendance... Then any area is fine by me :)

6. Must be good enough to pass the demo which will be taken in my home on my GAMING RIG

My Email: [email protected]

My Number: +923363765422

NOTE: If you want any details... Feel free to ask

Mirza Taimoor Baig
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