Logitec G502 Hero Mouse GIVEAWAY


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Mar 6, 2011
Hello Pakgamers!
Im DrSargeX and I would like to introduce myself as Gaming ,related tech and hardware Review has always been my passion for all my life with helping my fellow hardware enthusiastic with my experience esp posting Videos to my Youtube Channel and through other social media accounts of Facebook and Instagram

Im so Happy to announce that we have reached 1000 Subscriber mark on our Youtube Channel.
I really thanks all of you for your love, support & appreciation ! 😍
Im Glad that you liked my work and I was able to help our gaming community through YouTube videos and posts!
Thats Why We are Giving away LOGITECH G502 HERO mouse to a Lucky Fan .

You can have all information regarding Giveaway on our website: www.drsargex.com

Winner will be contacted on given email so use a legit email address.
Winner will be selected through automated random name picks on 14th of August 2020 & Winner must fulfill above requirements.

Love You all Pakgamers and Best wishes !

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