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Feb 20, 2017
Hello everyone,

Is anyone of you guys aware of any place where people meet up and practice and hone their language skills, while i say this i am talking about languages beside english such as German and Chinese ?

Growing up, there was an "alfresco" beside my school where every evening people will meet, drink coffee and practice their language skills, and it helped me a lot as a kid, one can't learn a language by sitting in the classroom and given how ubiquitous these language schools are in karachi, everyone in this city would have been fluent in 5 languages by now, it's not a slight on anyone or place it is just a fact.

Berlitz gives you this "immersive" experience but their group of these languages is too narrow to have an eclectic experience and you need to spend like 100k.

therefore, please apprise me if there is any group, place of such kind where you do pay for the privilege but you can be there and converse and learn while making mistakes .

Also what are the best places to learn a new language in karachi without losing your life savings ?
Can anyone tell from their experience of NUML , KU center for european studies ? or any institute that i may have missed ?

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