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Nov 5, 2020
My GPU is an RTX 3090 FE. When I use my PC monitor (LG 38WN95C) and my LG CX OLED and I turn off both displays, I cannot regain my video signal to either display when I turn either one of them back on. This does not happen when Deep Color/Game Response are disabled on the LG CX. It happens 100% of the time when these settings are enabled (meaning when [email protected] 10 bit + Gsync is in use). The only solution is to restart the PC. I suspect it is a problem with the GPU/driver. Things I've tried:

Disable QuickStart+ on the LG CX

Different HDMI port on the LG CX

Disable all power saving settings on LG CX and PC

Enable all power saving settings on LG CX and PC

Turn off PCI-E link state power management in Windows 10

Unplug HDMI from the GPU

Unplug DP cable from the GPU

Unplug power cables from the displays

Hammering Windows Key + P

Updating to 03.11.26 firmware on the LG CX

None of this resolved the issue.

EDIT: I resolved this issue by doing a clean Windows 10 install. I believe the issue lies with DisplayCal and how Windows 10 handles ICC profiles. I have no issues since and stopped using DisplayCal.
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