Is LG G6 a good phone?


Feb 13, 2009
Yeah good phone in that range, modern design, good cameras, average performance (SD821 with Qhd screen).


Image retention issue, search google.
Bad battery life you will be lucky to ger 3.5 - 4 hours SOT.
Refurbished USA kits mostly hard to find genuine phone.


Apr 19, 2016
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LG G6 is a great phone as you end up with a 18:9'ish aspect ratio

SD821 and 820 devices don't heat as much as 810 or 808 devices but they still do a lot more when compared to SD835(reason for bringing this up is that many SD835 phones now a days are cheap)

G6 is great in terms of Camera and Design,LG's UX takes good advantage of taller aspect ratio

I have used almost every LG Flagship from G2 and V10 upto their 835 offerings and LG phones are amazing,LGs bad rep especially here in Pakistan is due to refurb kits,these kits are not well built so there are often issues with them and since you asked for G6 lets talk about refurb G6's issues

Fingerprint/Power Button would stop responding properly in matter of a month or two
Being refurb backglass is often replaced or third party installed which means it wont sit well with frame and you might notice odd aesthetic gap or bad assembly,loose adhesive and forget about the IP Rating
Camera lens cutout problems

As for Image Retention its more of a hit or miss and lottery sort of thing like for instance with Samsung phones getting the perfect white balance is a lottery,I had image retention on my V10,G5,V20 and its not Image burn--in and depends from person to person it never bothered me as much even my Dell Inspiron had image retention often IPS displays suffer from it from certain manufacturers and this image retention is not as catastrophic as it was for 2015 Macbook lineup that was more of a burn in type of issue

My G6 though didnt have Image retention issue at all and coming from phones I already mentioned I was prepared for it to be there but it wasnt there I personally thought LG got rid of it but there are still some units with it

I would say if you have an understanding of everything I mentioned then go for it otherwise avoid it or do some research,personally if I was looking for 821/820 devices I would either opt for Mi Mix,G6 or Pixel(there are likes of Axon 7,MeizuPro6,S7E & HTC10 too) but those three are my favorite ones especially Mi Mix 256 but it still has a hefty price tag to it here in PK
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Sep 19, 2017
Or you can get OnePlus 3T as well around this budget.It's a good snapdragon 821 chipset phone with official Android 9.0 update.


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Jun 18, 2020
I am undecided I see that the Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite is great and the blackview is super resistant. Which one should I choose? taking into account the operating system and the quality of the camera.
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