Want To Sell i7 9700k ,i5 8400,philips 144hz Gsync


Aug 31, 2013
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Core i5 8400 with box= 24000 fix price

Asus prime Z370 A with box= 23000 fix price

16gb 2666 mhz ram 8x2 one is adata and other is kingston= 9000 fix price

4tb Seagate hard barcudda= 10000 fix price

toshibe 512gb nvme = 12000 fix price

cooler master lite box 5 rgb with box= 10000 fix price

cooler master gx 550 watt psu=3000 fix price

TForce Delta 32000 mhz ram 16gb 8gbx2=14000 fix price

Gigabyte Gtx 1080 = 55000 fix price

Total 160k just little negotiable for serious buyer

Core i7 9700k = 55000 fix price

Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X = 22000 fix price

cooler master g100 cpu cooler with box = 4000 fix price

16GB RAM Adata 2666mhz= 9000 fix price

hp 250gb ssd= 5000 fix price

seagate 2tb=4000 fix price

cooler master 700 mwe watt psu with box=6500 fix price

Corsair spec 01 casing with box= 5000 fix price

Total 110k just little negotiable for serious buyer

Keyboard RedDragon indrah with box= 5000 fix price

Keyboard Tdagger bali = 3500 fix price

Philips 27inch 144hz Gsync led also Available= 40k

Model=philips 272G

Serious buyer Contact only kindly beacause selling everything all i have

Special Discount if some will buyer each and every thing thanks

Location= Lahore

Contact= 03088651644

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