SOLD i5 Mid Tower

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Jun 2, 2014
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Selling my i5 Mid Tower Gaming Rig

It contains :
Processor: i5-2500, 3.30 ghz, 6mb cache
Price: 10,000

Hard Disk : 500gb
Price: 1,500

RAM : 4gb
Price: 1,500

DVD Drive : Samsung S-ATA 24x
Price: 1,000

Motherboard : Intel S1200BTL
Price: 9,500

Power Supply : GS700
Price: 6,500

Graphic Card : MSI R7770 1gb DDR5
Price: 8,000

Casing : Cooler Master Elite 311 (black)
Price: 4,000

Components would not be sold separately the whole RIG will be given and would sell as a single machine.

Demand:- 42,000
Location:- National Police Foundation, Islamabad
Contact:- Mazil Nadeem, 0336-5448289,sGR1A1j,ZAHcMhY,JmZpo11,DJ3n4Xi,2MpI4OQ,M2Z9GsR
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