Forum redirects being abused


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Dec 31, 2009
When I click on links to external sites it goes through your redirect script here. Well I get a warning in my browser that the site is deceptive. This warning is for any external sites linked here because your redirect script is being abused. The reason it's being abused is that anyone can create a redirect to any site. No doubt email spammers are using it to hide their destination links. So what has happened is that the method you used for SEO purposes, i.e. to avoid linking to external sites directly, is having the opposite effect and killing your reputation! You need to get rid of the redirection completely. Not only that you will have to write a script to go through your database to adjust existing links.

Note the site appears to have been reported to google malware so it's going to be a problem for all browser users because all browsers subscribe to google's blacklist.


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Jan 17, 2007
The issue has been fixed, it was a issue with the user @HMS1193 signature who was using as a signature source which was recently being flagged as a phishing threat by google. You can now access the mentioned thread just fine.

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