PC Estimated Value of Faulty Dell S2716DG 27" Inch GSync Monitor | 2k 144Hz


Oct 17, 2011
AOA guys hope you all are doing great. My Dell S2716DG monitor is causing pixelation problem for some time. Initially, it was on the left half and minor shadow-like pixelation which was slightly notable but not very annoying in gaming. Now it moved on to the right half of the screen with very notable lines and causing problems even in reading text. Now I am asking your suggestion what to do with it? Should I get it repaired and if yes then from where, in case it is repairable? Secondly, if I want to sell it what's the appropriate demand for this faulty LED Monitor. Its a 2k 144Hz gaming monitor which I bought a couple of years ago in a new but box open condition from ZAH Computers.

The pictures are attached for you guys to see the pixelation problem with my screen.

Google Drive Link
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