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Sep 21, 2008
[h=1]Dreamfall Creator Unveils First-Person Survival Horror Game[/h]
[h=2]Draugen is Norse mythology horror you can't a-fjord to miss.[/h]
Independent Norwegian developer Red Thread Games has announced Draugen, a first-person survival horror game inspired by Scandinavian literature, legends, fairytales, and Norse mythology. It will be set in the mountains and fjords of the Norwegian west coast in the 1920s.
Says the Draugen website: "The game is a dark and disturbing journey into the pitch-black heart of Norwegian national romanticism, as seen through the eyes of an American nature photographer, botanist, and entomologist." Taking place in the early 1920s, Draugen will expose the darkest secrets of a remote fishing community whose inhabitants have inexplicably vanished. Discovering how and why they disappeared will be up to you. (Spoiler alert: The title Draugen, meaning "the Draug" in Norwegian, refers to an undead creature in Norse mythology.)

The Norwegian Film Institute awarded a $144,000 grant to Red Thread Games for the development of Draugen. Aside from Draugen, Red Thread Games is also working on Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, which successfully reached its funding goal on Kickstarter earlier this year. The 3D adventure is a followup to Funcom's award-winning games The Longest Journey and its sequel Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Creator Ragnar Tørnquist, who founded Red Thread Games in September 2012, acquired the rights to the Dreamfall license from Funcom after leaving the company last year.
Draugen is in development for PC/Mac/Linux and next-generation consoles.

Another survival horror hope it will be good.
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