Do not be greedy for premium account subscription – it's justifies itself by case buying


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Jul 19, 2017

Some days ago I was watching offer buying video on Opencsgo!.. Never recently I saw now many top spins during one session... That streamer had an premium status subscription to his profile:) He spinned many boxes and got several high cost items from them!I saw the new VIP status feature is there but took no notice of it... Now I am sure I made a mistake not purchasing the premium status earlier! Now I see how many cool items I missed without that feature:) I was yellow and waited for my success in the nearest future at the same time about his spins!..Straight after watching I opened OpenCSGO to study everything about the VIP status. There are 3 types of premium subscribe on on Open CSGO!

There are basic, expert and premium packs. U can and find out the privileges of premium account owners:) I choose to buy the best one!.. It gives access to VIP status cases, free case, premium giveaway and 6% better spin. After confirming premium account I began to noted what case to purchase!.. Exploring premium status boxes was the 1st I did after buying premium account! I didn't see before such many cool and expensive items in 1 offer!.. After I had deposit my own account I've chosen that offer with Jack to purchase! And it was yummy, the third opening drops Desert Eagle Hand cannon for near 50 $. I was encouraged by that beginning with VIP status status. Then I realized that I can make good drop from more expensive offer! The Raider was my own next box to spin. I could spin it only 3 times and steel I was sure in profit... And that opening gave me Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for 60 $... I realized that I can opening this box few more times! Thus, after the next spin I win M9 Bayonet Crimson Web) After that I choose to stop. It's very important to quit while one be ahead!..

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