Battlefield Hardline |OT|: Throw Down In The Cops And Criminals World.


They are dying YO!!!
Nov 14, 2007
Capital Territory
I am doing the same. Downloading the "3DM" one, which is like 5.77GB. I am guessing thats because of compression.

Never liked BF4, so really not keeping up my hopes high. But free BETA hay ... so :hah:
Bro I think the file structure of your download is different or it has been updated.

I used this torrent from Battlefield Hardline Beta [Origin ]

It worked fine and only downloaded like 400mb extra.


$heeda Pastol ™
Dec 3, 2008
Had to download the complete game all over again :S Stupid Origin

Anyway, the game. What the f*ck is this sh*t? Its like the ditto copy of BF4, but much worse. Weapons are so lifeless that its not even funny. After playing for like 2 hours straight, i quit. Just didn't feel anything special about it.

Over the coming days i'll keep playing it and see if it changes my opinion, though it seems highly unlikely.

Dark Sith

Jan 7, 2009
well i think it was kinda fun ,, maybe in the final game they polish it out --it was fast ...quite like tdm of bf3 --cant say about bf4 coz that sucks -

but still ---over all if they could add a nice story line i am in


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Sep 27, 2011
A VERY Important Question i have been thinking & trying to know and which is most definitely dependent to play the GAME SMOOTH

@ALL BRO'S who have played this GAME Open BETA

Does this GAME uses > PUNK BUSTER Software < ...? which is BY FAR NO-DOUBT the most disgusting crappiest & Buggy SOFTWARE ever made

PUNK BUSTER just ruins the game entertainer and enthusiasm OF Multi Player gaming , Most of the ONLINE PC gamers does not know about this pathetic shit that PUNK BUSTER is always Uploading SYSTEM software LIST and Snapshot details to its UNKNOWN server

its BASICALLY a TROJAN = Punk Buster

Battlefield Hardline USES PUNK BUSTER .. ? Or they have started caring about ONLINE FANS

i have read seen and experienced thousands of ERRORS in ONLINE Battlefield 4 just because of PUNK BUSTER . tOtally hate it

Owi Khan

Allah Allah Allah !!!!
Mar 4, 2011
[Pc Gamer]EA has delayed Battlefield Hardline to make the game better

Back in June, the Battlefield Hardline debut trailer revealed that the game would launch on October 21. Today, however, DICE VP Karl Magnus Troedsson announced that the cops-and-robbers shooter has been delayed until 2015, so the studio will have enough time to properly implement the ideas and improvements that emerged from the June beta.

In a new Battlefield Blog post, Troedsson said DICE has been looking into "ways we could push Hardline innovation further and make the game even better" based on feedback from gamers who took part in the beta. "The more we thought about these ideas, the more we knew we had to get them into the game you will all be playing," he wrote. "However, there was only one problem. We would need more time. Time that we didn’t have if we decided to move forward with launching in just a couple of months."

The studio thus elected to move the game into early 2015, while it focuses on "multiplayer innovation," improving the single-player story mode and, perhaps most important of all, doing everything it can to ensure that it's stable at launch. "We have learned a lot from Battlefield 4, are continuing to learn from our Community Test Environment and will learn more from another Hardline beta," Troedsson wrote. "More time allows us to surface issues that the team can attempt to fix prior to launch."

The delay could also be seen as evidence that Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson was serious about his promise to implement a "fundamental shift" in how it makes games: In June, he said the publisher would maintain a greater focus on quality control throughout the development process and, more to the point, be willing to delay a game if it proved necessary.

Dark Sith

Jan 7, 2009
i think we will get battlefield 5 which this time seems against the russians ,,,,,or could be another faction ....
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