[Aurora] ROUNDTABLE - One console future?


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Jan 20, 2007
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Original Date: July 6, 2008

It would have been an undisputed champion of consoles in piracy dominated markets like Pakistan & India where Xbox was NOT nearly as popular as the PlayStation 2. The initial high price point of the successor to the 120 million selling console would have mattered little. Added to the fact, the next generation HD video format i.e. Blu Ray if cracked, would have found enormous consumers. People who already invested in an Xbox 360 (the Xenon model if dies unfortunately) would consider it wise to invest in a PlayStation 3. The impact of PlayStation 3 still would never match to that of its predesessor thanks to the popularity of Xbox 360 over the world.

I still think Xbox360 would had been dominant even if the PS3 had been hacked. The fact is that Xbox has an excellent games database and a much better online playing system. PS3 suffered because there weren't any good games out there when it was released.


Had the PS3 been hacked soon after its release, it would have been a completely different ballgame.
Pakistanis aren't the only one who are into piracy. Pirates make up a significant number of gaming crowd. PS3's user-base would've been much much larger forcing developers to seriously consider the PS3.

Backwards compatibility would've been its greatest strength. People would've been encouraged to sell off their PS2s to make up the cost difference between PS3 and X360 and get the PS3 in exchange for their PS2 without having to discard their PS2 library. Playing upscaled PS2 games on the PS3 would've been superb. PS3 would've definitely taken over the Pakistani market.


Well...There are still a lot of people out there who are just familiar with the playstation brand. It is definitely the popularity of the PS2 in Pakistan that would have boosted the PS3 sales as well, provided it had been cracked pretty soon after its release.

But i still think that the 360 would've had a strong chance to compete with the PS3 due to its better games library. How come people still buy the 360 knowing that it RRODs?. Im truely surprised at how MS' product has completely taken over and changed a lot of minds here in pakistan. People now know about games like Gears of War, Halo, Mass effect, assasins creed and many more. They even know what LIVE is.

What i think is that if the PS3 had been pirated soon then it would either have been neck and neck with the 360 in Pakistan or either slightly ahead of it.
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