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Jan 3, 2010
I used to play Arcade Games between 1992-2002 - Childhood till intermediate, Things has been changed now. There aren't Arcade shops anymore nor I have time to visit them since I am Married now. I do casual arcade gaming on laptop/Mame32, sometimes play Super Mario Bros with my wife :D

Anyway, Just came across Fightcade yesterday (Play online multiplayer) had some matches of Street Fighter & KOF & I really enjoyed it. I used to have a custom made Arcade Controler but not anymore. So looking for budgeted Arcade Controler (not going to spend a lot of time building it from scratch, I really liked Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai RAP4 fight stick but the price is insane, Budget is under 5000 so please suggest some controllers.

I have shortlisted these from a quick search on AliExpress

Arcade Joystick for PC For PS2 For PS3 For Android Smart TV with 1.8 Meter Cable and Built-in Vibrator Eight Direction Joystick

Gasky arcade joystick 10 buttons pc controller computer game Arcade Sticks new King of fighters Joystick Consoles Joystick Gift

Arcade Joystick DIY Kit Zero Delay Arcade DIY Kit USB Encoder To PC Arcade Sanwa Joystick + Sanwa Push Buttons For Arcade Mame

Double Acrylic Arcade Joystick Video Arcade Game Joystick Arcade Controller Console Game Machine For PC For Windows USB New

TV jamma arcade 5S 999 in 1 video game console 2 players fighting rocker HDMI VGA USB out put with pause can make your own image

Computer arcade joystick PC street fighting game controller USB gamepad for Windows XP Win7 Win8 Win10 plug & play free driver

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