Anyone here working in the field of data science / analytics or similar in Pakistan?


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Oct 10, 2018
Assalam o Alaikum
I am doing Msc (equivalent to undergraduate) in statistics. Any advice for me to get into these fields. I understand that data science work might require post graduate education but I am also interested in data analytics. I have done some basic programming in java(i was introduced to OOP using java but not much more) and am learning python.
I want to know what the job market is like in Pakistan. What kind of companies hire for position like these. How's the interview like? I know there are companies like affiniti, teradata, IBM etc. But I don't think I stand much chance here since my academic background in not good enough(I have a 2nd div in Bsc).
Also what are some other career opportunities for statisticians in Pakistan. Does the pharmaceutical industry hire statisticians in Pakistan? Are there any market research firms here who hire statisticians I would appreciate any advice regarding this stuff here. I know that time to time some posts in government sector are announced but there are tests and a lot of competition and I am not that competitive so.

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