Antec Quattro 1200W Modular cables

Raging BulL

Dr.Demonz aka Irfanor
Sep 1, 2009
I got Antec Quattro 1200W PSU whose all Modular cables were lost. I got some 6 pin to sata & IDE molex cable from a guy but when i turn it on .... i smell some burning & immediately turned it off. But it was too late as SSD, RGB kit that were attached to Sata cable were burnt....
anyhow,,, whats gone is gone... I googled for modular cables and found them on various online sites but dont know if they will work with properly as i dont want to loose anyother stuff again.......Now i need modular cables or any expert guy/ shop who can make it for Antec PSU.
Im attaching some pics of PSU Modular sockets for this ...


Lone Wolf
Nov 29, 2007
Sorry to hear that. So I bought 2x12V PCIE modular cables to run GTX 1070 on my PSU. Since my PSU didn't had two pin connectors but the PSU had the option of attaching extra 12V PCIE cables. After searching for whole day at Hafeez Center, I came across a shop which used to make custom PSUs for Mining rigs. He makes modular cables on demand but luckily he had two or four PCIE cables already made for future selling purpose. So I bought it from him and they worked perfectly with my 1070.

The shop name is Zeeshan Computers, on 2nd floor, Hafeez Center, Lahore. If you want exact location of the shop PM me. I will explain you in detail.

P.S: The guy told me about another shop at Hall Road. The shop only sells PSU and have spare modular cables which are left from sold or burnt PSUs. If you didn't get the chance to buy from him atleast ask about this shop also.
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