American Certified Fitness Instructor and having trouble to find a job. can anyone help me ?


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Feb 2, 2010
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I also have a diploma in Fitness And Training From Ziauddin. Im one of the few ACE (American Council On Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer in karachi.

The problem is that most gyms in karachi are local gyms,they prefer desi trainers who are on steroids mostly,and i dont want to use steroids ever, they dont care about educational background of the trainer. and hi fi gyms of karachi which are : Shapes and other gyms, they are not hiring anyone,i have applied in every top gym of pakistan but no luck, Altough shapes called me for a interview last year,at that time i was only local certified trainer from ziauddin,and they failed me because i was wearing sandals on jeans,i wanted to wear shoes but the shoes i had were in bad condition so i wore sandals,and no i couldn't buy new shoes because i didn't had any money and my father is retired, so i mostly spend my own money to buy anything.

anyways, can anyone help me find a good job with good salary package ? if you need my CV then i can send you, i also have 1 year of experience working as a trainer in 3 different gyms. and im going to start a new certification in "Fitness Nutritionist Specialist" From ACE in november,just waiting for black friday so i can buy that course in cheap price. i was trying to find a job in ramada hotel and marriot and many other, etc. but still no luck. im pretty sure that in ramada hotel "Pawwa" works, because there is a desi trainer who used to work there,and trust me that guy doesn't even know anything related to fitness except lifting heavy weights . anyways, If anyone can help me with this it will be very kind of you. Btw im trying to find a job in any big hotel like ramada , marriot, move n pick.etc, because they give really good salary packages.
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