[Rules] Academics Section: Rules, Regulations & Posting Guidelines.

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Sep 3, 2011
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Welcome to Education & Academics Sub-forum at PakGamers.

Please follow the rules, regulations and guidelines them while you’re here.

[Section I] General Rules.

1 –
All threads must be related to Academics strictly. This includes advise, information, news, counseling and guidelines.

2 –
All threads must be clear of any irrelevant images, videos, graphics or any other irrelevant media sharing.

3 – Do not post any funny videos, images, graphs, jokes or any other fun stuff in this section. Take all the funnies to the Fun Room forum.

4 – Do not create any threads regarding buying or selling or books, materials, notes, services, tuitions, accounts or any other education related topic. Take all the [WTS] [WTB] threads to Marketplace.

5 – All URLs, links and download links will be strictly monitored and removed without warnings if required. As much as PG would like to maintain an education forum, there will be no tolerance for piracy, cheats or any other illegal or illicit activities.

6 – RULE 5 specially applies to O/A level URLs and Links provided by members. IF any past-paper or study materials link is suspicious it will be removed promptly without a warning.

7 – Mini Modding is strictly not allowed. If any of the following conditions happen, report to Admin effective immediately

a) A vulgar, offensive or abusive comment is posted.

b) Any Hate speech, irrelevant, offensive content is posted.

c) There is heated argument among members that’s getting out of hand.

d) A member is trying to act like a Mod and posting warnings.

8 – Spamming of any sort will result in instant Ban.

9 –
Threads will be locked if

a) Thread Starter has requested

b) The purpose of the thread has been met

c) The thread does not require further input

d) Thread was regarding an event, announcement or news that is not valid anymore.

10 – All news, announcements, events information has to be supplemented with official URLs. In case URLS or any other credible news source is not mentioned, the thread will be closed.

[Section II]
Official Threads

1 – No irrelevant commenting, bickering or argument of any sort is allowed in the official threads.

2 –
Official threads have been classified by education system, level of education only. Not every thread created can quality as Official thread.

Official threads will strictly remain to officially recognized forms of education, placement and careers.

[Section III]
Sticky Threads

1 - Threads will be made sticky only in certain conditions;

a) The topic requires special attention in a large capacity.

b) The topic is related to an upcoming or current academic event.

c) The topic is either an invitation or announcement regarding an officially organized Academic event, educational fair,
workshops etc.

2 –
No irrelevant commenting, bickering or argument of any sort is allowed in the sticky threads.

3 –
Sticky threads will be taken down in certain conditions.

a) The topic no longer requires attention and user awareness

b) IF it was covering an event and that event date has passed.

c) If an announcement was made that is no longer valid or relevant.

[Section IV]
Why was my post deleted?

1 – You posted against regulations.

2 – You posted irrelevant, unnecessary comment in Sticky or Official thread.

3 –
You were in an unhealthy unproductive argument.

4 –
You replied to a post that was deleted.

5 –
You quoted a post that was deleted.

6 –
You posted a link that was against regulation.

7 –
You posted image, video or other media that was against regulations.

[Section V] Why was my thread closed?

1 – Your thread was in complete violation of regulations.

2 – Your thread was promoting hate speech.

3 –
Your thread was offensive, vulgar, abusive and/or insulting.

4 –
Your thread was posted twice.

5 –
Your thread was not appropriate for the section.

6 –
Similar thread already exists.

[Section VI] Warnings and Bans

1 – Repeated violation of regulations will result in ban.

2 - Warnings will be handed out in case of regulation violation.

3 – For any problems, issues, concerns and complaints use the Feedback & Suggestion Section.

And that's that.

Keep calm and carry on.
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