5G connection in Pakistan

Engr Zain Raza

Nov 26, 2018
According to google 2023 but i doubt that. Even if they launch in 2023, April it will be just a "One" small area of Islamabad just to announce to world and flex that Pakistan now has 5g.
I wish they can first make 4g as reliable as it can be atm with just 1-2 bars missing you cant get any data speed on telenor, jazz, zong.. Our Networks cant provide reliable and stable 4g or even 3g .. First they should fix 4g and once its in the best possible service than switch to 5g.. But then again 5g as far as i know lacks the penetration power that 4g has (meaning signal strength is gonna be super low unless tower is very close to your house).
We dont need 1-10Gbps speed. What we need is stable 10-25Mbps for mobile devices and with greater coverage and affordable packages.
Even with 5g available every single location of Pakistan, do we have enough internet data capacity? (i am talking about undersea water cables that connect Pakistan to rest of the world)
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