[24.08.09]Can i has Khajoor?

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Aug 25, 2008
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
I really dont get the comic...
I did not understand it...
Bro... a girl realizes that still 30 mins left till aftar so why not spend the 30 mins in gaming so she plays the game where this quest comes with yummy pictures blah blah :blah2:... she starts to imagine all of'em where in the comics a nice imagination cloud filled with Khajoorayn ^_^ , Samosay and best of all Khoon Afzah (1). Suddenly when the aftar time arrives, all the members rushed towards the food and the lousy girl is questioning Roza Khulgaya?

BTW, creators a boy would have been in the place of a girl cuz there's no way a girl playing game just 30 mins before aftar, they're just too busy preparing! :hah:

Easy huh ^_^

Awesome work anyways. Loved it
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