MULTI 2018's Amoung Us has suddenly become Steam's top played game

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Aug 10, 2008

“Among Us,” an online and local party game set in space which was first released in 2018, has recently hit 1.5 million simultaneous players online, according to the game's developers InnerSloth.
“Among Us” is about a spaceship crew prepping for takeoff that discovers that one (or 2 or even 3!) of their crew members is an imposter who is secretly planning to murder them all. The objective is for the crewmates to win by completing all of their assigned tasks or figuring out who the imposter is and voting them off of the ship. Meanwhile, the impostor can sabotage the ship itself and other players.
The game, which has been compared to Werewolf and Mafia, is currently ranked third on Twitch with 145,638 viewers in the past week. Its surge in popularity comes greatly in part to Twitch and several YouTubers uploading videos playing with their friends and other popular YouTubers.
The game can host between 4 to 10 players and includes three different maps, two aboard a spaceship and one on a planet near a volcano. This game of deceit is fairly easy to pick up on and rounds only last between 5 to 15 minutes.
It’s currently available across PC through Steam, iOS and Android.

“Among Us 2” is currently under development. Maybe it’ll also come to consoles?



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Jan 19, 2007
S.S Normandy
The only thing I've seen about the game is the awesome premium video Giant Bomb did, it looks really fun for a crowd of people in the Jackbox kind of way.


Feb 26, 2009
It is getting viral on Android too. need a party of at least 11 players for it to be fun but minimum needed is 4.
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