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Jan 18, 2007
The inaugural edition of Legendary Thread, our new World of Warcraft podcast, was taped late last week, but due to the vagaries of the Internet and possibly the great Nor'Western ice storm and California citrus-withering of aught-seven, it didn't go live until AFTER Burning Crusade launched. So that kind of sucks, but look at it through the prism of history -- what was life like before Burning Crusade? What did we do with all the hours in the day? It's so hard to remember, but we certainly had much lower stamina. Anyway, in this show you'll meet most of 1UP's resident WoW addicts; one of them opened the gates of Ahn'Qiraj on his server, another stockpiled all the mats to powerlevel jewelcrafting to 305 on Day 1 of BC...two others did neither of those things. You can expect that the few remaining, closeted 1UP WoWers will be outed in later episodes.
Also check in with the blog version of Legendary Thread for daily updates of Burning Crusade-related nuggets, and feel free to use 1UP's World of Warcraft messageboard to complain about the occasional high-pitched whine you might hear during certain sections of this episode of Legendary Thread (the podcast, not the blog). That's not Luke Smith (rimshot!) -- that's a technical issue, and it won't happen again!
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    Chandoo Chandoo: Shouldn't Ninja Theory be working on Senua's Saga ? They announced it what .. 2, 3 years ago ?