1 Modem 3 Wifi Routers (Bandwidth sharing)

Engr Zain Raza

Nov 26, 2018
Aoa Everyone, I hope you are all fine.
I want to setup a type of internet bandwidth control for my 3-story house. I have 3 wifi routers for each story/floor/portion.
I have 30Mbps internet. I want to share it between all three floors. But in the following way
=>Min limit for each wifi = 10Mbps, Max limit for each wifi = remaining bandwidth
So in other words i want to everyone to use all the "Unused".
For Example:
3 ppl are using wifi-1 and 2 of those are downloading something. On wifi-2 2 people are also downloading. But on wifi-3 there is zero bandwidth utilization.
So i want both wifi-1 and wifi-2 to get the unused wifi-3 bandwidth. Which means 15Mbps for wifi-1 and 15Mbps for wifi-2.
1 person is downloading on wifi-1. 1 person is downloading on wifi-2. 1 person is downloading on wifi-3.
In this case i want wifi-1, wifi-2, wifi-3 to get 10Mbps each. (Instead of one of these stealing all the bandwidth and other 2 wifi getting less than 10Mbps)
If no1 is downloading then all three wifi can have access to all 30Mbps.
Reason: Why i want such a system?
1. When tv on 1st,2nd,3rd floor is streaming youtube/netflix it steals all the bandwidth and nothing is left for other wifi routers.
2. I can never enjoy the full 30Mbps with limits put on each wifi router.
3. Most of the the time more than 10Mbps is unused, which goes to waste.

[Yes i can get 50Mbps but then again netflix or 4k auto youtube video will steal more than 35Mbps xD. I cannot afford 100Mbps so thats why i need this system]
[And i forgot to mention the spikes in pings and timouts on packets when someone consumes full bandwidth for a moment or more xD]
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