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  1. ahadafzal13

    Call of duty Cold War Pakistani players

    Added you on PSN
  2. ahadafzal13

    Red Dead Online on Steam

    Anyone wants to join Red Dead Online on Steam. Its for just $3.75 on Steam. Need players to join me online My Steam id is Ahadafzal13
  3. ahadafzal13

    Rainbow 6 Siege PC Voice chat not working!

    Do share your uplay id on Inbox .
  4. ahadafzal13

    SSD ~250-500GB

    Get a new SSD 256GB Preferable brand Adata or Samsung.
  5. ahadafzal13

    PC Are there any gaming streamers ?

    I haven't started game steaming yet but if you want to experience new online games on PC and PS4. do let me know. I play games on PC on these platforms STEAM Origin EPIC Games UPLAY PS4 Games i have played are Uncharted 4 Horizon New Dawn Spiderman.
  6. ahadafzal13

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    Their WIFI speed is not good. If you want to experience internet at high speed then prefer to use it on Lan on PC or install a 5GHZ External router with StormFiber OLT Modem.
  7. ahadafzal13

    PC PC Gamers who plays games on Steam, Origin, Epic Games, Uplay and COD Warzone

    Feel free to share your id if you play games online on Steam, Origin, Epic Games, Uplay and COD Warzone. My Games list is as follow. We can collabrate playing games online Steam Games 1.Cricket 19 2.CS GO Origin 1.Burnout Paradise 2.Battlefield V 3.Apex Legends Epic Games 1.Fortnite Uplay...
  8. ahadafzal13

    PG Xbox Live Players *POST YOUR GT HERE*

    Do you play games on PC using steam and other platform?
  9. ahadafzal13

    I have added you on Steam

    I have added you on Steam
  10. ahadafzal13

    Want To Buy Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for PC

    I want to buy Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for PC. My old receiver is not working. Looking forward to buy it because i am having 3 xbox 360 controllers. New or used doesn't matter Looking forward for good offers. Location Gulshan Iqbal Karachi Kindly inbox your offers.
  11. ahadafzal13

    Want To Buy WTB Android TV Box

    I have T95 Max 4GB ram 32 GB Internal Memory.4K supported Its best for watching Youtube Netflix and watching movies and apps. Its just two months used. You can check the youtube for further details
  12. ahadafzal13

    Want To Buy Ashes Cricket for PC

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