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  1. Witcher92

    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : Play Has No Limits

    I waited entire time for Spidey 2 or Wolverine trailer or something, atleast they didn't disappoint with Spiderman 2 , game looks so good already. that symbiote Spidey is aggressive man also the dynamic transition between both of them looks sick as well also the combat looks phenomenal specially...
  2. Witcher92

    Want To Sell Xbox Series Controller - Daystrike Camo Edition & Battery Charger

    Hello Guys ! I am selling Xbox series controller - Daystrike Camo Edition Official Site link : Condition : 9.5/10 ( almost new, rarely used) Package Contains : Box & Controller ( no manuals & stuff) Location ...
  3. Witcher92

    Featured Lets talk about AI - ChatGPT, GPT-4, SD, MJ

    Well all I know is these youtubers man jumping all over it saying make 500$/day by using chat gpt Midjourney/Leonardo ai blah blah.. many of them are just click bating Nonsense.
  4. Witcher92

    Want To Buy 27-inch, 2k, 144Hz monitor

    Hi bro AOA, I am selling ASUS VG278QR 27",165hz, 0.5ms time ( further details here: Location : Karachi If interested contact me at this no : 03132561646
  5. Witcher92

    Want To Buy 27" Monitor

    Asus Vg278Qr 165hz , 0.5ms response time, available. For Pics & details whatsapp at 03132561646. Location Karachi.
  6. Witcher92

    Want To Buy I5 10th, 11th, i3 or 15 12th with Board

    Core i5 9400F with MSI H310M available..
  7. Witcher92

    HORI Fighting Stick mini

    Bump, Price reduced.
  8. Witcher92

    HORI Fighting Stick mini

    Hello fellaz ! Selling HORI Fighting Stick mini with Box. Following are the details : Item : HORI Fighting Stick mini Condition : 9/10 ( Slightly dusty, needs to be cleaned, rarely used because of busy schedule) Price : 10,000/- Rs. 9000/-(Negotiable) Payment method : Cash/Bank...
  9. Witcher92

    CORSAIR MP400 NVMe SSD M. 2 1000GB

    Selling title mentioned SSD in Mint Condition in 100% Health. Condition : 9/10 Warranty : 3 Days checking Location : Karachi Contact : 03132561646 Price : 18,000/- 16000/- Pics : Thanks for your time :)
  10. Witcher92

    Want To Sell Moving abroad, need to sell

    Pics of Stuff ? Prices? Location ?
  11. Witcher92

    EVGA XC BLACK RTX 3050 8GB Graphics Card

    Hi Fellas ! Selling EVGA RTX 3050 8gb GDDR6 along with its box and stuff complete accessories. This card brought from Australia and used for max 2 weeks. Condition : 10/10 Reason for Sale : Upgrading to RTX 3070 or similiar performance wala( Exchange possible with surplus) Location ...
  12. Witcher92

    MULTI Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| The Last of Thieves

    How could you do that Sony .. xD
  13. Witcher92

    Playstation 5 Disk Edition

    Hello Fellas ! I want to sale PS5 Disk Edition, Used for 7-8 days only. New condition samjhlo .. Box with Complete original items hdmi, charging cable power cable & stand condition 10/10 Serious buyer contact me only sms or whatsapp at 03132561646. Location : Karachi ( can ship all over...
  14. Witcher92

    MULTI Resident Evil 4 Remake Announced - March 24 2023 - PS5, Series S|X, PC

    Capcom is on fire man , so hyped for this !
  15. Witcher92

    Playstation God of War Ragnarok :Coming November 9th 2022

    Maybe because its close to Norse Mythology unlike Thor portrayed by Marvel.
  16. Witcher92

    Want To Buy Ps4 (hacked)

    PS4 500GB JB with 9.0 1200 series comes with all original stuff and box, contact : Location : Karachi
  17. Witcher92

    MULTI Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto trilogy re-release, with new improvements

    Lol they are just extremely greedy and the bunch of fool people falling for it.
  18. Witcher92

    NINTENDO Bayonetta 3 - Jennifer Hale, the True Voice of Bayonetta

    Wait, is it just me or she looks way different ( by face) and less sexier this time ? xD
  19. Witcher92

    MULTI Kena: Bridge of Spirits - PS5 and PC

    Platformers? It's a Semi open world, action adventure game, not a platformer fyi :p .. Pretty solid reviews so far, not bad for their " First game " .. not bad at all.
  20. Witcher92

    MULTI Kena: Bridge of Spirits - PS5 and PC

    It's already Cracked for PC, torrent available on IPT :p
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