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  1. faraany3k

    Want To Sell Nintendo Switch Modded with 128gb SD Card

    Hey guys, I am selling my trusty old Nintendo Switch. It is modded to run all the latest games. Comes with everything in the box. 128gb SD Card filled with all the top exclusives. Free Carrying Case included Condition 9/10 Price: 54000 Location: Islamabad Contact: 03315571850 Can be shipped...
  2. faraany3k

    Want To Buy USD 25 Steam Credit

    Anyone selling Steam Credit or has the required amount can contact me on 03315571850. I want to buy a few games.
  3. faraany3k

    Want To Buy High Speed USB C to USB A Cable for Oculus Link

    Peeps, I require a High Speed USB C to USB A Cable for Oculus Link. If anyone is selling one do let me know. If anyone know some place to buy one that would be really helpful too. Contact # 03315571850 Islamabad
  4. faraany3k

    Want To Buy Oculus Rift S or Quest

    Looking to get a Rift S or Quest. Interested parties can contact me on 03315571850 Instant buy if offer is fair. I dont mind shipping but offers from ISB RWP are prefered.
  5. faraany3k

    Want To Buy Playstation VR

    Want to buy a VR set. Complete accesories with move controllers. My bugdet is 40k. Contact 03315571850 Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  6. faraany3k

    Want To Buy $30 Steam Credit

  7. faraany3k

    SOLD Turtle Beach 400

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