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  1. TheLivingFlesh

    zfold 4 - 256gb- cpid approved

    zfold 4 256gb cpid approved - non rooted - original everything all banking apps, updates everything works even after resetting $260 charges check online first original charger 25W type c cable c to c phone protector front side back + camera protection lens price is 100% final everything is...
  2. TheLivingFlesh

    samsung m.2 980 1tb boxed 10/10 in warranty

    aoa, selling samsung m.2 980 1TB - warranty-6months condition 10/10 loc: rwp askari 7 bought new 03071310007 price: 20K
  3. TheLivingFlesh

    thermaltake level 20 .11700, Z590, RTX3090, 32gb ven pro, corsair cooling etc full gaming pc

    i am selling my gaming pc as i have no use for this. pc has not been used. come over to my place and see your youself. i use another setup. this just stayed off. everything is 10/10 like brand new with boxes, even boxes are 10/10 condition and warranty either from czone or zahcomputers or...
  4. TheLivingFlesh

    evga rtx3090 ftw3- px1- 8pin x 3

    hello. Item: Evga RTX3090 PX1 - FTW3 Power: 8pin x 3 Warranty: checking 1 week Bought: Brand new march 2021 Temps: Max 80C at load - stays super cool due to upgraded pads/paste, been doing pasting since 7950GX2 gpu, check benchmarks on pg in OC section Cooling PCB: Kritikal thermal pads 20 W/mK...
  5. TheLivingFlesh

    S10+ 8gb/512gb Official PTA

    Item: S10+ Storage: 512gb Model: SM-975F Date of first call: 21/05/2019 PTA Status: Official approved Box: Yes Condition: 8/10 Screen condition: 10/10 Changes: Battery changed last month to official. 1day + timing. Accessories: Cable only C to C Price: 85K Location: Askari 7, Rwp Shipping...
  6. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Sell Thermaltake rgb mobo header supported 200mm rgb fan

    Thermaltake rgb mobo header supported 200mm rgb fan control directly from your motherboard software condition: 10x10 price: 4500 each! can exchange with stuff 03071310007 loc: rwp
  7. TheLivingFlesh

    ddr 4 Crucial Ballistix 3000mhz 16gb kit (8gb x2) white color non rgb boxed

    salam. item : ddr4 ram crucial ballisticx 3000mhz 16gb kit (8gb x2) white color non rgb condition: 10/10 like new bought from sadar rwp selling because moving to ddr5 ram price: 12000 8 months local warranty left loc: askari 7, rwp contact: 0307 1310007 pics:
  8. TheLivingFlesh

    crusical ballistix 8gb x 4 rgb/non 3000/3200mhz kit! white black boxed

    Hello, I am moving to ddr5 ram hence selling just 1 month used in warranty the following rams. Item 1 : white 8gb x 2 non rgb 3000mhz crucial ballistix kit boxed 10/10 item 2 : black 8gb x 2 rgb 3200mhz crucial ballistix boxed 10/10 price: non rgb: Rs 10K FIXED rgb: Rs 12K FIXED...
  9. TheLivingFlesh

    Ram crucial ballisticx ddr4 3200mhz (8gb x2) black color rgb

    salam. item : ddr4 ram crucial ballisticx 3200mhz (8gb x2) black color rgb condition: 10/10 like new bought on 20th april 2022, selling because moving to ddr5 ram/mobo price: 12000 inc shipping loc: askari 7, rwp contact: 0307 1310007
  10. TheLivingFlesh

    crucial ballistix 16gb ddr4 3000mhz boxed. 8gb x2 white

    salam. item : ddr4 ram crucial ballisticx 3000mhz 16gb kit (8gb x2) white color non rgb condition: 10/10 like new bought from czone selling because moving to ddr5 ram price: 10000 loc: askari 7, rwp contact: 0307 1310007
  11. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Buy faulty gtx970 dead repaired no display malfunctioning

    faulty gtx970 dead repaired no display malfunctioning want to buy 03071310007 - text or whatsapp
  12. TheLivingFlesh

    Corsair HS70 SE like new headphones

    item: cosair hs70se headphone + microphone used: 1month condition: 9.5/10 condition reason to sell: upgraded loc: rwp price: 10k contact: 0307 1310007 text/whatsapp only pics:
  13. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Sell Xbox One X 1TB with limited controller

    Item: Xbox one x console with 1tb samsung 870QVO SSD with controller: PUBG Limited edition with MS wireless battery with box Condition: 8/10 Cosmetic scratches visible in pics Item bought: Feb 2020 new- single hand use Loc: Rwp Details: thermal paste changed to IC Diamond- temps are fine now...
  14. TheLivingFlesh

    Samsung 870 -1TB-QVO in warranty

    sold please close thread
  15. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Buy Asus/Alienware ROG IPS 4k HDR 144hz 27" curved or above Gsync monitor

    looking for a monitor which must have the following Asus or alienware IPS 4K 144hz 27" or above Curved Gsync HDR Condition must be excellent with box and all accessories.. 0307 131 0007 Loc: Rwp!
  16. TheLivingFlesh

    Like new Samsung 27" IPS Borderless Freesync Panel

    Hello, I bought this screen 2 months ago from czone but i went to see matches so didnt use it, its been sitting here idle! If you want to game at 75hz 1080p then this is a great borderless ips option! Condition: 11/10 immaculate Accessories: Boxed complete everything Reason to sell: brought a...
  17. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Sell i3 2100 with mobo- 8gb-128gb ssd-antec 350watt- geforce gt610

    i3 2100 with heatsink with lenovo motherboard h61 = upto 3770k 4gb x 2 ram = 8gb samsung 128gb ssd enermax 350watt 80+ psu geforce gt610- 1gb gpu price:16k for all! take or leave! shipping extra or self pick loc: rwp contact: 03071310007
  18. TheLivingFlesh

    new sealed warranty local czone SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch

    hello, i mistakenly ordered this sata ssd i needed the m.2 . i bought it today from czone. its packed and brand new. the reciepts are can see that i purchased the m.2 immediately after as well. i dont need this drive its of no use to me. if someone can return it to czone he...
  19. TheLivingFlesh

    Want To Buy i9 11900, 16gb ram,750watt gold psu,z590 mobo,500gb m.2,360mm liquid cooler

    need to buy these stuff in USED LOCAL WARRANTY with RECIEPT and BOX mobo. max 28K (new ud590 is 33k) cpu. max 75k (new is 83k) m.2. max 6.5k (new kingston is 8.5K) psu. coolermaster or corsair only - gold only - max 17k (new cm mwe gold 750 is 20k) ram. 8gb x 2 ram...
  20. TheLivingFlesh

    Sent gaming pc without case from UK to karachi been months now

    by the time you recievve it its gonna be worth 70pounds. why didnt you use dhl?
  21. TheLivingFlesh

    27"/28" ips monitor 60hz

    hello want to buy non-faulty 28" or 27" IPS led monitor 1080p 60 hz for normal use borderless preferred loc: rwp 0307 131 0007 new is 33K min on 35K freesync
  22. TheLivingFlesh

    Samsung S20 Ultra 128gb+256gb card complete PTA approved

    Item: samasung s20 ultra 128gb dual sim warranty: included 31/08/2022 card: Kingston class 10 - 256gb (for direct save to sdcard for 8k video recording) cover: spigen crystal clear + spigen screen protector installed back/front color: black condition:10/10 first owner accessories: all...
  23. TheLivingFlesh

    SSD- New- 1TB- Seagate barracuda 120 series

    aoa, close thread
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