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  1. spectre7

    ahaha..dammut i was hoping there werent any interested parties..other then strapped...

    ahaha..dammut i was hoping there werent any interested parties..other then strapped for cash and unfortunately i saw your post hours after spending what little i had.Could i please have your contact number to sort this out ? thank you in advance for the reply
  2. spectre7

    are you still selling your PS3 i cant find the thread in the market place anymore

    are you still selling your PS3 i cant find the thread in the market place anymore
  3. spectre7

    PC mass effect working

    same here just installed the game got control of the normandy but when i open the galaxy map its all black and i cant navigate it ??? wtf do i do
  4. spectre7

    Help needed with COD4 MP

    lol mbl servers have the least amount of ping mostly
  5. spectre7

    MULTI Official NFS Undercover Thread

    yuck yuck yuck !!
  6. spectre7

    Playstation Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed, Kojima talk multiplatforms.

    i dont want a women in the lead role .....not that im anti-women or something but i truly wouldnt want a female lead i want someone as strong and appealing as snake female lead =no more looking at posters on the wall :):)
  7. spectre7

    XBOX Do we want Halo 4 if Bungie are not involved?

    doesnt no bungie= better level design better story better gameplay???????
  8. spectre7

    PC My *HD* Game PiX Thread (Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood added)

    aski the best shot is the highway one great pix keep em coming give me more
  9. spectre7

    Technical Gurl the newbie of

    HI have fun .but what games are u into?
  10. spectre7

    MULTI Best Intro Movie for Games?

    first one was like a disney movie .....meh...yuck ..............second one was jst dumb god knows why u posted it desolator ...................the third one is overshadowed by Dow cuz its my second fav intro
  11. spectre7

    MULTI Official NFS Undercover Thread

    lol so its become an arcade racer again screens look terrible GRID is so much better then this lame shit......anyone know if we get burger king and castrol billboards on the streets??
  12. spectre7

    MULTI Best Intro Movie for Games?

    STFU all of u saying ,suggesting queer japanese games like FF with the best intro hell no they suck at introz the best intro to date is offffff ............................................................................................................................................ lalaala...
  13. spectre7

    Guess The Movie Game!!

    ahhh could it be could it be X-MEN 3 could it i said could it guys post better me got no pic to post so someone else take my turn
  14. spectre7

    leopard attacking human ( must see)

    omg raped in your own car SAD !!!
  15. spectre7

    Playstation Next-gen EyeToy game to be revealed in Sony presser today

    Nintendo is gonna get its ass handed to em in a platter
  16. spectre7

    PC IGN: Crysis Cost $22 Million to Make

    err if u promise u outta deliver cod4 has always been a linear title u go from point A to point B theyve never told tall tales about this and taht .which crysis did the alien ice level was bullshit and the story got sucky ...odd how cod4 with its gameplay and engine outsold the beast that is crysis
  17. spectre7

    PC IGN: Crysis Cost $22 Million to Make

    lol crysis =mediocre pc shooter period !! besides the graphics nothing new a generic shooter with stealth elements and all the hyped shit is non existent towards the end as it becomes linear
  18. spectre7

    MULTI Top 10 Most Difficult Games

    cmon get serious RE4 is not a tough game what are u talking about? it was shit easy unless u have a retarded controller thats gone haywire re4 is childs play now my cousin omair beat the shit out of ninja gaiden yes the first time thru its really hard but then hes told me himself it got easier...
  19. spectre7

    Your Highest COD 4 Streak...

    i had a kill streak of 33 playing on the TGC server but my light went and when i booted the pc my mp file had gotten corrupted a it was almost a week ago..shyber ur the first decent player ive seen on cod4 i havent seen u camp and u had a great kill/death ratio if memory serves correct u had 31...
  20. spectre7

    i am dad

    congratulations ..whats your sons name ? if he wants to getr trained in RTS games consult me i can teach him :)
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