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  1. bathunter08

    E3 Microsoft Xbox: Game On Press Conference 9.30am PDT/12.30pm EDT/5.30pm UK

    Assassins Creed Unity! Graphics looks AMAZING on X-One
  2. bathunter08

    'Failed to authorise disk' error message

    Thanks to Faizy (y).. Got the games from him, they're all working fine. - - - Updated - - - I'll check and let you know bro..
  3. bathunter08

    'Failed to authorise disk' error message

    Any guy here in RWP/ISD who sells 360 games.? Having Failed to authorise disc error>! topic!! Cox i'm having problem with the games i bought from the market, they can't be played thru HDD, its a Failed to authorise disc error everytime i try to copy and play it thru hdd, it only plays by DVD...
  4. bathunter08

    'Failed to authorise disk' error message

    who's selling LTmax burned games here in Rwp.?
  5. bathunter08

    'Failed to authorise disk' error message

    dude, anyone.? - - - Updated - - - dude, anyone.?
  6. bathunter08

    'Failed to authorise disk' error message

    Game discs error, issue.? I tried playing BF3 and FCRY 3, I INSTALLED em to my HDD , when i play it, it's shows Failed to authorize disc, whats the deal.? At first it starts when i start the campaign it shows the error and console restarts.. its not jttged..!
  7. bathunter08

    The XBOX 360/XBOX ONE Help Thread - Got Questions? ASK HERE!

    what if i don't jtag the box, is the install option available in nowadays dashboard version.? liike it was before to install the game in hDD. thru xbox.?
  8. bathunter08

    The XBOX 360/XBOX ONE Help Thread - Got Questions? ASK HERE!

    Hey, Im going to buy xbox360 slim, but I wanted to ask whether it can be jtggd or not.? Its kernel version is 14575, and also that with the original dashboard installed games can be copied thru dvd to its own hdd.? its slim 250gb version.
  9. bathunter08

    Windows Phone owners. General Disussions | Apps | Tips and Tricks

    Guys, I wanna ask which one is better Htc windows phone 8x or Nokia Lumia 920, and why.? Need real suggestions...!
  10. bathunter08

    Post Your Android Home Screen Thread

    Dude, Can you gimme the link to those screens.? - - - Updated - - -
  11. bathunter08

    -|- Official -|- Perfumes suggestions Thread

    Dunhill Desire Blue, its good.
  12. bathunter08

    CA -|- Chartered Accountants Thread

    Any guidelines for CISA.?! I'm ACCA finalist. Looking at the future of an ACCA qualified, thinking to move to CISA. :S
  13. bathunter08

    Studying Abroad: Guidelines,Fees and Help thread

    Students studying in the UK will not get a work permit. I just came back here from the UK. I was there for graduation but policy changed and we the NEW graduates will not get work permit, as some you understands it as PSWV, at the end of the day you'll be going back to your home country.
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    Chandoo Chandoo: my guess is its gonne likely be a rotating list of games every quarter or half year