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  1. devnull

    Selling i5 6600 but what's next? i5 9400 or ryzen 2/3600

    I suggest you stick with what you have. Why are you selling? You won't get a good price because cheaper options are available in the market: As for ryzen if you were going to buy one you would buy the cpu...
  2. devnull

    My cousin wants to build a Ryzen PC for gaming. Stupid idea?

    x3470 is core2duo architecture. 4th gen i.e. haswell is far better than that. Zer0 you've probably made your decision by now so do tell us what you went with.
  3. devnull

    Moving back to Pakistan -- Question related to bringing my gaming PC

    Yes it'll work for both. Computer UPS do not provide long backup time. They are designed to protect your computer from short term voltage changes and to provide just enough time to save files and shutdown the PC in the event of a mains powerloss. So let's say 10-15 minutes backup time. For...
  4. devnull

    Moving back to Pakistan -- Question related to bringing my gaming PC

    You'd probably be better of selling your PC at home and buying a new one in Pakistan. Most things are available here. As for power supply fluctuations any computer UPS will suffice. They all have voltage regulation built in these days. It's called AVR. An 800va-1kva one will be enough for your...
  5. devnull

    PTCL Broadband 8Mbps Low Line Parameters but Good SNR. Why?

    The problem is you're still using ptcl. Switch to 4g already. PTCL is for suckers.
  6. devnull

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    We may see further consolidation between the cellcos if this license renewal and low ARPU business keeps going on. My money is on Ufone getting acquired by one of the others. Instead of 4 operators we will be left with just 3. The reduced competition will hurt consumers but is to be expected in...
  7. devnull

    SSL certificate has expired

    Site admins don't seem to care about the site. They've let it be used to spread malware and spam and now don't even bother to renew the SSL cert. The link to the marketplace in the top right doesn't work either.
  8. devnull

    [OT] Banks of Pakistan | Services, Accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards. | Help 'n' Advice

    netflix doesn't have to abide by Pemra's censorship rules so that is why it is being blacklisted. no doubt the army and agencies don't want pakistanis consuming indian content. free speech is not in their interest.
  9. devnull

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    Prepay for 75GB package for 12 months and it comes to Rs. 1833 per 30 day period. You get 75GB 24/7 + 25GB between 4am and 4PM:
  10. devnull

    Wireless Service Providers in Karachi

    How much do you plan to download in a month? To downgrade from the 20Mbps that zong is giving you to 2Mbps is going to suck. You also won't be able to download as much on 2Mbps - the lower speed itself is a limit on how much you can download. I don't recommend doing this. Get a fiber connection...
  11. devnull

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    It won't make a difference
  12. devnull

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    2G will live on in the shape of IoT devices. There's also a case to be made for 2G being the gateway through which you rope in new low income customers who will eventually upgrade to your faster services. So they can't get rid of 2G completely. What they can do is get rid of 3G. Other countries...
  13. devnull

    Sales tax 19.5 percent on broadband users in sindh .

    FED is not sales tax. FED goes to the center while this is something the provincial govt. is levying. The environment for IT is generally very hostile in Pakistan. It's why our ICT exports are in single digit billions while indians export $100bn worth of IT services annually.
  14. devnull

    LCD glass replacement in ISB/RWP?

    Maybe get checked out by a doctor? If this keeps happening to you there may be a health related reason behind it. Oh and buy one of these or a similar strap.
  15. devnull

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    Zong ftth will compete with zong mbb. Also they will have to lay their own cables which will be a huge PITA. I guess they are acknowledging that 5G will not be good enough to serve all last mile users. I thought it would be enough but there was an article I read recently that said that it...
  16. devnull

    Can you subscribe 4g MBB bundles on any sim or only on the sims which come with the MBB device?

    data sims (aka internet sims) may not support mbb bundles. it varies from provider to provider. also why do you say that zong is expensive? zong and jazz are pretty equally priced.
  17. devnull

    Need Mbb device that can net 20mb download and atleast 10 upload Rawalpindi/Lahore

    first of all the devices come with their own sim. you will need a valid cnic to buy one though. you will also have to go through biometric verification. they take your fingerprint using a fingerprint scanner as if you're a criminal. second you should make this decision once you come to...
  18. devnull

    Dell S2716DG Not Waking Up

    @MadDemon monitors don't have a bios. Why did you bring it up (post 2) and then say you don't know anything about it (post 6)? Were you confused about which thread you were replying to? software that comes embedded in hardware is called firmware not bios. however i've never heard of anyone...
  19. devnull

    Does a phone having BDS (GPS alternative) help in pakistan

    i've never heard of any app that uses these chips. perhaps chinese or russian apps use them
  20. devnull

    Reliable Service Provider in Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

    try the sims of jazz and zong in a 4g phone. run to check the speeds. then buy an mbb device of the one that works the best. if jazz and zong don't work good in your area try telenor but finding a 4g phone compatible with that provider will be hard. so maybe borrow a friend's mbb...
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