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  1. xMuscleNerdx

    The Official Programming Thread

    I can offer help related to Python :)
  2. xMuscleNerdx

    Want To Sell Xbox 360 Arcade Jasper

    Please close this thread
  3. xMuscleNerdx

    Head Phones ( ON ORDERS )

    How much will the Turtle Beach Px22 cost?
  4. xMuscleNerdx

    Want To Sell Playstation 4 (PS4 ) and Accessories Price Tag

    What is the current price of the PS4?
  5. xMuscleNerdx

    Pakgamers DOTA 2 players list

    Add my ID as well : xReConKiLLerZx
  6. xMuscleNerdx

    |OT| DOTA 2 - Most Popular Mod in the world, Now AAA title [available for all]

    Add me if you want to play DOTA 2 someday :rock: ID: xReConKiLLerZx
  7. xMuscleNerdx

    Macbook mid 2012(MASHA ALLAH)

    for how much?
  8. xMuscleNerdx

    Can't Connect To Xbox Live With PTCL

  9. xMuscleNerdx

    MULTI EA to show Battlefield 4 at GDC on 26th March

    I am sure this game is gonna be better than Black Ops II and even the next 10 COD games!
  10. xMuscleNerdx

    Hi im moving in to pakistan islamabad im from korea

    Brace yourself for 8-12 hours of loadshedding in SUMMERS! :wink2:
  11. xMuscleNerdx

    Studying O level Physics and Chemistry, need help., it's the best
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