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  1. shahzadfootball

    I desperately need weed for health issues

    PG Doc. not a lot of optimism here :p
  2. shahzadfootball

    Ryzen Build From Chakwal

    can you atleast whatsapp me where you get these on 4k quality ? :p
  3. shahzadfootball

    Ryzen Build From Chakwal

    Do you work for a cable company xD That's the only explanation I could think of for that much amount of storage :p
  4. shahzadfootball

    [SOLVED] PC Shutting down again and again.

    I just had to check your location to tell you what may be the problem :p Clean your CPU fan :p I had the same problem with my desktop too a couple of times and I knew it was just the dust and dirt accumulating
  5. shahzadfootball

    Transporting Pc from place to place.any issues?

    I'm writing this from exerience as I have transported my PC from Beijing to Karachi ,and then I bought another PC in Beijing (Current one which is a i7 7700k with 7970 graphic cards and other expensive components ,I'm telling you so you know it works ) and transported it to Karachi and brought...
  6. shahzadfootball

    Unregistered Phones Ban

    hahahaha Living in Karachi taught me to keep my Bara phone on airplane mode and have a chota nokia with me when I go outside so this is the last of our concern . Thank you Street Mafia ,kudos :)
  7. shahzadfootball

    Report saira khan

    OP must have really lost his marbles to create an account just for this . #SOMUCHLOL
  8. shahzadfootball

    Therapist in Karachi

  9. shahzadfootball

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (Video)

    Not a fan of Samsung after owning a S3 but I have some really positive comments for OP . Amazing videography and direction . I really loved the background you used with Sindhi Ajrak and the way you showed different colours of the model plus the amazing voice over . Keep at it ! (Y)
  10. shahzadfootball

    Mutual Funds?

    I have a lot of time to kill during my summer vacations . approx 2.5 months and looking forward to gain some experience in this . I do have some background of how to work with stocks but I am not familiar with the system in Pak . Just read a lot of posts on Reddit . I was wondering if you could...
  11. shahzadfootball

    [SOLVED] OnePlus 3T in Pakistan

    Don't forget,Chinese version (that is if they come from mainland) don't have playstore .
  12. shahzadfootball

    [SOLVED] OnePlus 3T in Pakistan

    My friend has it and the camera quality is not that thing . If you can get a 6s 32gb version in that price ,I'd say go for that instead .
  13. shahzadfootball

    Karachiites ,are you starting to feel unsafe again ?

    No disrespect mate but what in the world made you take a smartphone outside your house ? I have a couple of friends here who have never even inserted sim cards in their smartphones . One thing is for sure,do not boast/show off in Karachi,you will regret it ,trust me. I feel unsafe when I wear...
  14. shahzadfootball

    Karachiites ,are you starting to feel unsafe again ?

    That's what I said as well ,when I landed here last month,it seemed pretty safe but this PSL shit is taking the whole country to the ground yet again . Heck,just lift the ban on the kites man ,let the youth enjoy their life .
  15. shahzadfootball

    [Important] Chit Chat Cafe Tour Guide / Complain Center [Links to OTs in here]

    Appreciate the hardwork GloriousChicken put into this ! You go gurl <3 Keep it up :)
  16. shahzadfootball

    Recent Bombings - Explosion in premises of Lal Shahbaz shrine,

    What I found very disturbing was that how did the rangers and security forces managed to locate that many terrorists in such a short span of time ? What the foq were they doing for all this time before then ?
  17. shahzadfootball

    Recent Bombings - Explosion in premises of Lal Shahbaz shrine,

    What is happening ? Pakistan is slowly turning into what Afghanistan became after the Mujahideen attacked the soviet union in 80s .
  18. shahzadfootball

    Why are houses here so poorly designed?

    mongphali mein dana nahi ,hum tumharey nana nahi
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