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  1. mohammadasim101

    Need Suggestion regarding pc build

    i would say get latest GTX 1660 6gb 41,500 and upgrade to i5
  2. mohammadasim101

    MULTI Hype Check: A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4/XB/PC)

    Posting my play-through video enjoy covering chapter 1
  3. mohammadasim101

    Made An Intro Please Give Feedback

    Other then sound adjustment any other tweak i made it as fan type for that forum. any advice what content might be good for youtube thanks in advance
  4. mohammadasim101

    Buying First Car

    then just get city 1.5
  5. mohammadasim101

    Buying First Car

    Get Toyota aqua best hybrid car gives 20+km/l.
  6. mohammadasim101

    PC Games Releases - RE2

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI Proper-RELOADED 4.8 GB
  7. mohammadasim101

    Need All Of Pgs Help & Prayers ( Mods Approval NEEDED )

    Fahad007 thanks for ur reply and advice i am sure to follow it. salman09 thanks yes bro i am also looking for job to pay for my uni fee and cases just remember me in your prayers all thx.
  8. mohammadasim101

    Need All Of Pgs Help & Prayers ( Mods Approval NEEDED )

    DSM1 Thanks For the Number have called but no one picked up will try again. Any Way Thx Guys.
  9. mohammadasim101

    Need All Of Pgs Help & Prayers ( Mods Approval NEEDED )

    Thx both of you guyz i just need to resolve these issue and want to focus on my degree so i can support my family. I even tried to sit down talks with elder sitting nothing. but thx any way if mods want plz close this thread
  10. mohammadasim101

    Which ISP can I get in Phase 7, D.H.A., Karachi (on Seher Commercial)

    Omg dude u my neighbor and i am using connect 2mb
  11. mohammadasim101

    Where to Buy Raspberry Pi 2? ChipsTech - Ketchup your chip ! they have raspberry for 5500rs and arduino for 990rs
  12. mohammadasim101

    logo design [NOT PAID]

    pm me ur requirements and i will try to make it for you thx
  13. mohammadasim101

    True Detective - Season 2 on air now

    To be Honest Didn`t Liked Season 2 So Far...
  14. mohammadasim101

    project 1000bhp

    Depends On Your Taste V8,V6, OR 6,4 Inline ,But An Advice Dont Make It Only A Dragster Type Car Make It A Great Track Car.
  15. mohammadasim101

    BSCS from Private University (Need Suggestion)

    Biztek Is 30 % Filled With Iqra Ppl Who Got Thrown From Uni Due To Behavior, Late For Class And Low Gpa. Iqra Use to be good not any more opt for paf kiet, maju, bahira if not in them then opt for biztek. I have Just Started my 3rd Semester in BSCS With 3.2 GPA From Biztek EDC Camps
  16. mohammadasim101

    BSCS from Private University (Need Suggestion)

    I Am Studying In Shar-e fasial Bizteck EDC Campus So feel Free to ask me.But I Will Opt For U To Get Admission In PAK KIET. As For Fee Structure Of Bizteck EDC its monthly(6750Rs) or Semester Wise And If You have Above 60 % Marks You get Scholarship Of 50 To 70% If You maintain 3 GPA.
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