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    Want To Sell Vengeance LPX 8GB RAM 3200Mhz

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3200Mhz RAM for sale. Selling because I upgraded. Perfect working condition. Price: 6k FNF Location: Lahore Prefer local hand to hand deal.
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    PTCL FAST Path connection?

    Does only DownStream SNR needs to be higher than 15 for fast path to not cause disconnection or also UpStream ?
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    MULTI Red Dead Redemption II - New gameplay trailer shows off heists and other ‘nefarious activities’

    Any idea which retailer in pakistan will have the game in stock on launch day ??
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    MULTI Red Dead Redemption II - New gameplay trailer shows off heists and other ‘nefarious activities’

    Any retailer in Pakistan/PG premium seller I can order RDR2 from for ps4 ? I think retailers here normally receive disks before the launch date.
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    [UNBOXING] PS4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition #25477

    Grats !!! wish it was available in Pakistan
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    Alienware AW 34

    Buddy, you asked about price and where i got it from. I bought mine from eezepc and it's also available from a few other online shops, It's a really good monitor but its not an IPS panel like the Alienware.
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    Alienware AW 34

    Just google it, there are atleast 2 or 3 pakistani websites selling it.
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    Alienware AW 34

    Gratz, IMO this is the best looking monitor on the market. Would have loved to buy this one myself but sadly couldn't find anywhere in PK so ended up getting Asus ROG XG35VQ instead a few months back. Couldn't be happier playing world of warcraft on 35 inch screen. Are you in Pakistan ? if so...
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    Need Husky Advice

    I know 2 ppl in Lahore who have huskies, but they keeps them indoors, I know a lot of ppl can't do that in PK due to religious reasons etc. If you can not keep it inside the house 24/7 specially during summers, I would advise you against buying one. And by indoor I don't mean lock it in one...
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    Batman Ninja : Anime Movie by DC - IGN Review 9.7 Score

    Shittiest batman movie ever, stopped watching after like 30 min
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    Overclocking i5 8600k

    I don't think there is any point of buying a K chip if you're not gona overclock it. I only play world of warcraft, it mostly relies on cpu single core more than multi core or gpu. Since i'm playing it on a 1440p ultra wide monitor i need an overclocked chip to get good fps on ultra settings...
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    Overclocking i5 8600k

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    Need Husky Advice

    Don't buy a huskey if you can't keep it indoors most of the time. No, coolers are not enough for them in 45 degree heat.
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    Samsung QLED gaming monitor CHG90

    Nice gaming monitor, but i'm not convinced a 49 inch wide screen monitor is a good option for gaming, atleast not untill you're sitting at good distance from it. Too much head turning/neck fatigue trying to look at the whole screen while playing a game. What has your experience been like gaming...
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    [OT] Crypto-Currency Discussion | Bitcoins, Lite, Etherium, etc.

    I would not recommend mining BTC at all. With the current price of electricity in PK you will be only loosing money, not making any.
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    how to send money abroad (URGENT)

    I don't send money abroad regularly, the last time I sent it was maybe a year back to USA and no where on the form was it written I can only send to a Pakistani or a relative. If you a still having issues with western union you can definitely do international bank transfer through your bank...
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    Aftermarket router for PTCL VDSL

    No one knows which routers work with ptcl vdsl ........ ???
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