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  1. junejo

    Realme 5 pro

    Selling Realme 5 pro 8gb/128 gb. Phone condition 9/10 Warranty 8 months left. Location karachi. PTA approved with box and accessories. Demand: Rs:29,000 fnf need to sell urgently. Contact:03043959945 Whatsapp or sms
  2. junejo

    iPhone 7 32gb

    Looking for used iphone 7, no refurb or kit phones, priceshould be reasonable. Location karachi. Contact on 03043959945 whatsapp or sms.
  3. junejo

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    storm is using dual stack (IPv6+IPv4), means ipv4 will still co exist for v4 queries.
  4. junejo

    Connect Communications :: A Smart Future

    How to download from dodear? I can see the link but can't download anything. Page not found error.
  5. junejo

    PTA Rant Thread

    did the same on stormfiber with 2 different ip's, one that is registered whitelisted ip (PTA WMS) got straight 40%packet loss and other on Cgn ip, no packet loss reported on it but when i start game on cgnat connection it started dropping packets
  6. junejo

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    damn i always get this speed in my office, only at this one specific spot. i was facing the same issue you guys mentioned for few days, but now its back to normal from 2 days.
  7. junejo

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    Yes and other issues like some ports are blocked on application level by default even on static ip due to ip's being actively regulated for grey traffic.
  8. junejo

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    Static ip is available now, anyone can apply for it from portal. SF also launching IPv6 at the end of this year on trial basis to limited user.
  9. junejo

    Durable earphones

    Try ronin r5 earphones, i have been using one from last year it still has the same sound quality and bass.
  10. junejo

    Redmi note 8 4/64

    price reduced
  11. junejo

    Redmi note 8 4/64

    Assalam o alaikum everyone, Selling redmi note 8 in excellent condition. Phone is unlocked and updated to xiaomi eu miui12 custom rom, Bootloader can be relocked again screen protector, camera glass protector and cover applied from day 1. Warranty till January 2021 Accessories:Type-c cable and...
  12. junejo

    [Important] Report PakGamers 2.0 Feedback, Issues or Bugs Here (BETA Soft Launch)

    Last post not visible, I have came around this issue second time maybe the post was deleted or something but it still says last post at x by x then when you open the thread its not there.
  13. junejo

    Connect Internet Complete Review

    Storm is providing static ip again but to limited users.
  14. junejo

    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    *We are experiencing a sudden service degradation from one of our upstream providers. Our team is closely in touch with them to diagnose and rectify the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding* Got this message Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
  15. junejo

    Playstation The Last of Us Part II [OT] Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

    Nice Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
  16. junejo

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    I haven't. Total monthly data i get is 25gb only. They have updated package maybe. Khair poori to ye bhi use nh hoti[emoji28] Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
  17. junejo

    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    Seeing it first time here but I have 0mb left from official package[emoji14] Sent from my Redmi Note 8 using Tapatalk
  18. junejo

    People using Ebone network help

    Netsol connect is also launching there. my friend has it here in karachi he gets good speed will share results when I visit him. Sent from my Lenovo P2a42 using Tapatalk
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