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  1. murtaza12

    Want To Sell Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) - Region All

    Up for sale is a Grand Theft Auto V disc for PS4. The disc is region all, and the game works perfectly. There is a small piece of plastic missing from the top of the box when it was damaged in my suitcase during travelling. Location: Rawalpindi Demand: 3,500 PKR (negotiable) - Will sell to...
  2. murtaza12

    SOLD Samsung Galaxy A70 (Black, 128GB)

  3. murtaza12

    SOLD Call of Duty Modern Warfare (PS4)

    SOLD to @dragonheart786
  4. murtaza12

    SOLD Call of Duty Modern Warfare (PS4)

    Game sold to @gibbyk1
  5. murtaza12

    SOLD Huawei P10 Lite (Black)

    Device sold. Thread closed.
  6. murtaza12

    SOLD Samsung Galaxy A71 (Black - 128 GB)

    Device sold. Thread closed.
  7. murtaza12

    Want To Sell Playstation 4 Slim (500 GB) + GTA V

    Selling PS4 Slim on behalf of a friend, the console was sparingly used and is in great condition. Comes with the box, 1 controller, power cable and HDMI cable. A GTA V disc is also included in the price. The game was barely used and is basically brand new. Location: Islamabad Contact: 0320...
  8. murtaza12

    Featured PakGamers - Rebirth!

    We are proud to present our members with the new and improved PakGamers 2.0 (BE The entire forum has been migrated to a newer, faster and better supported platform. We are soft launching with few key features into PG 2.0 BETA. We will test our systems,adjust and fix issues as we go. You can...
  9. murtaza12

    Want To Sell Various DC Comic Books

  10. murtaza12

    [Rules] Marketplace rules (v7.0)

  11. murtaza12

    Marketplace rules (v7.0)

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