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  1. Multipaki

    Dell 7567 4K UHD v.s Alienware 17 R3 17.3

    Like seriously no one :(?
  2. Multipaki

    Do you wear a watch?

    Watches are basically on of the few accessories men can wear, they basically show a persons status thats all. - - - Updated - - - and those who complain about the prices of high end watches like Rolex (original Rolex start from 2Lakh) dont know the difference. Its like saying that both a...
  3. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    I did watch Stiens Gate and i think i'll go for clannad next. But CODE GEASS, was next level.
  4. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    Arggg most of you suggested FMA, which i finished already, i started attack of the titants which was decent.i guess code geass was on of a kind. To give a more in depth explanation, i like anime which has, some type or romance, character development and 2-3 Strong personalities, who work with...
  5. Multipaki

    Applying To Universities in Pakistan

    Guys can you please tell me if 7 A's Olevels (5A* 2A) and 4A's in Alevels would do it for lums. I mean are these decent grades and if score good at LCAT is there a 100% admission chance.
  6. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    guyss i need an anime like code geass, dont say death note, monster.
  7. Multipaki

    My RIG.....[ TH3xTr3MiST ]

    the specs dont look so hard core but :p the front sticker is sick.. you could have used a better higher end casing though, i take it you painted the fans and holes? which type of paint did you use. GREAT WORK, keep it up.
  8. Multipaki

    Element Productions |AE|PS| *Tutorials*

    ElementProductions on deviantART ^^ and my picture is pretty old xD
  9. Multipaki

    PC League of Legends

    Hmm i was at 1.6k elo, i dint play start of season 3, when i came i was in silver league i dont know what that was. Alot of changes been made, annoying, my favourite support item heart of gold removed. The amount of noobs and trollers have increased, i do support and jungle. Mid and Top only if...
  10. Multipaki

    The Official ‘O Levels’ Thread

    Any place for complete math and physics chemistry notes? by complete i mean complete a-z her cheez :S
  11. Multipaki

    PC League of Legends

    your ELO? o.O?
  12. Multipaki

    -|- Official -|- Perfumes suggestions Thread

    I got celvin klien eneternity for men and guys its hawt B|
  13. Multipaki

    PC SimCity |OT|

    Omg this cant be :3 sorry CIE but i shall fail this year.
  14. Multipaki

    The Fabulous Fashion Thread -|- Fashion Tips & Grooming -|-

    hmm what do you guys suggest how can i get rid of my lower eye shadows fucking annoying sari look kharab ker detayn han
  15. Multipaki

    PC League of Legends is freakishly Popular - 2000th in queue DAMN

    As of July 2012, League of Legends had over 32 million registrations and averages 12 million players worldwide per day, with the number of concurrent users online at any given time peaking over 3 million. Players also collectively log 1 billion hours per month, making League of Legends the...
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