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  1. nafu

    Want To Buy Keycaps for Mechanical keyboard

    Bought. Thread needs to be closed.
  2. nafu

    Want To Buy Keycaps for Mechanical keyboard

    I have HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard and it's "Ctrl" and "-" keycap is broken. I need these two keycaps. Or if any one selling full pack of keycaps for mechanical keyboard, I will buy. Location: Islamabad Contact: 03475026861 whatsapp
  3. nafu

    Want To Buy RTX 3070 - MSI SUPRIM X OR EVGA FTW3

    I want to buy subjected GPU in good condition and at reasonable price. Not mined or repaired. Preferred Variants: -|- MSI SUPRIM X -|- EVGA FTW3 Location: Islamabad. Contact: 03475026861 whatsapp
  4. nafu

    Want To Sell ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3060 Ti 8G

    The subjected card is up for sale. The specifics are as under Model/Brand: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3060 Ti 8G -|-Condition: 9.5/10. -|-Repair: No -|-Temperatures: Well below 70°C Furmark load. Reason for Selling: Upgrading to 3070Ti Accessories: Everything comes with a new One. Price: Rs...
  5. nafu

    Want To Sell Sapphire Nitro AMD RX 470 4GB

    The subjected card is up for sale. I have been using this card since Feb 2021 and there is no issue in the card. The specifics are as under Model/Brand: Sapphire Nitro RX 470 4GB Condition: 8/10 - No Mining Not Repaired. - Open: Yes, because temperatures were high so I had to opened...
  6. nafu

    [Benchmark]3DMARK Time Spy 1.0 Scores of PakGamers

    @Voodoo CPU score is improved from previous version. Maybe I can try an extra for 5.3 GHz to see how far it can go on CPU score.
  7. nafu

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - Phantom Liberty releasing Sept 26th 2023 [PC/Series/PS5]

    Future CyberPunk 2077 on PC will be like.... For reading:,%2C%20were%20third%2Dperson%20affairs.
  8. nafu

    MULTI /Rumor - Battlefield 6 Will Be Set During World War 3

    Source: GameRant
  9. nafu

    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - Phantom Liberty releasing Sept 26th 2023 [PC/Series/PS5]

    The fucking 8 years summed up pretty drastic for CDR. I actually feel bad for them. Honestly speaking, I was hyped for this game as it had been in the development of this long period, but meh. On top of it: the refunds, the lawsuit and the criticism across the platforms is simply nightmare for them.
  10. nafu

    The mauler

    As for now, I think RX 580 is very much low budgeted option, specifically for 1080p and Ultra/very high settings, but with the exception of some games. Coping 60 FPS in latest titles has certainly been not possible for 580.
  11. nafu

    [CPU] Benchmark: Winrar run!!!

    Here we go. Nafu | Core i5 8600K @ 5.0 GHz Winrar: 10,937 KB/SEC XPG D60G 16GB RAMs @ 3200 MHz Winrar v6 x64 @Voodoo Of course, Intel comet take, 10400, is a better processor. that 6 additional threads making huge difference.
  12. nafu

    [CPU] Benchmark: Winrar run!!!

    Excellent score there. Just for Old time sake, I am gonna post mine too. Let see what 8600K has to deliver. Trying to lock it at 5 GHz. let see.
  13. nafu

    Hard Disk Problem

    This could be a sensor issue. Which drive is, 4TB or 320GB? How old your drive is? Also, try checking the status of health on Hard disk Sentinel. Make sure chassis has some ventilation inside. A closed case with zero airflow causes trouble.
  14. nafu

    Hard Disk Problem

    Could be. There may be no airflow within the case and around that specific Hard disk. The normal temp of hdd should not exceed 60c. Can you share a screenshot of health tab with airflow temperature being selected.
  15. nafu

    Need some advice for buying RAM

    Not sure what is the situation after It has been lock down in karachi nor anyone can put a fair view on it. You should call and ask first for availability and COD from an Online shop. Try or shingpoint.
  16. nafu

    Casioak G-Shock 2100 stealth 1/3

    Looks classy.
  17. nafu

    SLOW SSD read write speed in core i5 3rd generation

    Make sure you plug the drive in SATA 6Gb/s slot other wise the speed won't improve.
  18. nafu

    Moving back to Pakistan -- Question related to bringing my gaming PC

    Most Power Supplies cover both ends, 110v and 240v, there should be no problem with that. However, we still don't know about his PSU's model. OP needs to check specifications on the box and psu label.
  19. nafu

    My cousin wants to build a Ryzen PC for gaming. Stupid idea?

    Indeed. Get a Samsung 860 EVO 256GB and used it for primary/boot windows. Czone offers Samsung 860 EVO 256GB at 8,100/- PKR with 1 year warranty. I'd buy...
  20. nafu

    MULTI [OT] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Warzone has DROPPED

    The hype is real. Will buy this game on PC for sure.
  21. nafu

    Installation of Water Cooling Kit in Karachi

    Hmm, you could watch tutorial on youtube and get over it. :)
  22. nafu

    MULTI [OT] Gears 5 | Bound by Blood

    Started playing Gears 5 at experienced difficulty and reached at Act II, so far enjoying it.
  23. nafu

    Confused between GTX 1080 or RTX 2060 / Super

    I'd add some more cash and get the superior 1080Ti. It's far better and really worth the money. However, no RTX.
  24. nafu

    Can anyone help me finding a 4th Generation Motherboard With 4 RAM Slots?

    IF you want to buy from here, then you need to search PG marketplace for that. I am sure there are some up for sale. Also, we may wanna know your budget for the motherboard of eny range. Here, budget is dependent.
  25. nafu

    MULTI [OT] Red Dead Redemption II | Wild West 1899

    Just what I am waiting for. Great news
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