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    Want To Sell Brand New iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Sierra Blue

    Up for sale iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Sierra Blue LLA Non PTA Location : Karachi Demand : 240k PM or WhatsApp at 0-3-0-3-2-1-6-6-3-2-3
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    Anyone know when ITX cases are gonna come to Pakistan?

    @AchtungPakhtoon I hope you know about this, NZXT’s H1 PC case gets recalled after that whole ‘catching on fire’ thing just hope they're not selling the ones with the problem or the ones that have been fixed after the problem.
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    Anyone know when ITX cases are gonna come to Pakistan?

    damn that's expensive, good thing i still have my bitfenix prodigy and multiple itx mobos
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    Ordering from China

    I have tronsmart spunky buds for sale will be putting a for sale post, ordered them from China but didn't use them. Will be putting up a for sale post
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    GTX 1650 or 1660 with i5 4440?

    check out the 1650 super, it's the best between these two
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    which router? has stock of mi router 4 and mi router 3g, i've used the multiple archer c7 before and haven't found them to be too good
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    which router?

    leave all these and just get a mi router for normal usage, they work really good as far as range and speed is concerned, been using them for years.
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    SOLD DJI Tello

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    Need urgent info. Where to buy one plus cellphone in dubai

    You can get them from Deira for the best prices, if you're there or going, I can get you a contact.
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    Where to buy APC UPSs NEW?

    with a computer and a projector. yes they're most suited to computers
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    Where to buy APC UPSs NEW?

    Don't know about Peshawar, I'll be checking out the prices with a dealer tomorrow, need one myself. Have a 3KVA, been using for years. Need a 800VA now. You'll need at least a 1000VA, keeping extra capacity, you'll need a 1.5KVA.
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    Where to buy APC UPSs NEW?

    I'd suggest getting a Vertiv UPS, it's cheaper and equally good.
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    How to make an International Driving License for Travelling from Pakistan

    thanks for the informative post, which countries have you rented and driven in personally?
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    Where i can find drill machine in karachi ?

    Marriot road or you can also get at hyperstar. On daraz as well. these are all options for new
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    wifi extender/router

    ethernet router, just use the modem provided by the ISP and connect a router
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