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    Selling i5 6600 but what's next? i5 9400 or ryzen 2/3600 They are head to head in the gaming sense. As I mentioned before you can overclock 3600 on msi b450 tomahawk motherboard which costs like 19k these days, you get better performance. You get SMT which offers future proofing. You get to update your...
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    Selling i5 6600 but what's next? i5 9400 or ryzen 2/3600

    Ryzen 5 3600 costs like 36k, it absolutely stomps any i5s you throw at it. It is more future proof as having 12 threads, games like bfv will have better 1 percent lows on it. Its IPC has caught up with intel. It can be overcloked on any b450 motherboard. your eyes closed.
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    [NBA] Mid ranged gaming PC under 100k

    Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600 depending upon your gudget any b450 motherboard would do atleast 16 GB 3000MHZ ram, dont go for any rgb stuff rest is upto you
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    [SOLVED] Building an Aprox. 15 Lakh Gaming Desktop only, Monitors and setup are separate.

    Why build a pc for 15 lakh when you can build a pc for fraction of a price and get 99% of the performance? SLI have been mostly ignored by nvidia and game developers for a few years now. 2 2080tis for gaming is a waste of time. and HEDT chips are not needed for gaming. Ditto for 64GB ram. Unless...
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    [OT] Ali Express | All Info Hub!

    Yeah its just the chip, the price is extremely good. Thanks for your help.
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    [OT] Ali Express | All Info Hub!

    Hi everybody. I am looking to order ryzen 5 1600 from aliexpress. Its available for 82$ which is arounf 13k here. Should i expect any duty or stuff like that? Its just the chip mind you. No box or anythng like that. Anyone ordered any processors recently? Any help would be appreciated. Regards
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    Looking to buy phone under 30K

    Xiaomi Mi A2
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    ptcl recent ping issue

    WTFast works great. I just installed it and it lowered my ping to 182ms and later 192ms for another server. Would absolutely recommend. Though its a subscription based service and I don't really want to pay 10$ a month atop of my ptcl bill.
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    ptcl recent ping issue

    I have the same issue since 1 month. Pings were in lower 150s before that. Now i get around 250,260. Any VPN i could try to reduce ping?
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    A GPU to replace my dead GTX 670

    I have a 1050ti. Can game on it on high settings. Buy it with eyes closed. Get that zotac one or check olx. It will serve you well for two more years.
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    Acer and Lenovo Machines Build Quality

    The range you have, every OEM will have same build quality.
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    HP envy x360 15m bp112dx- worth buying?

    Dont buy any other laptop than the one having 8th gen processors. They have 2 cores more even in ULV processors. Dont get anything else.
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    Building a PC

    If you are gonna spend 16k on a motherboard than i suggest going for z370 chipset. Else B360 motherboards can be found fopr 12k as well. Get that and spend the remaining amount on ram and ssd.
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    Which CPU n MB to buy ?

    1060 6GB will serve you fine at that resolution. If you are SURE that you will get a 2k monitor then get a 1070 else no need.
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    Which CPU n MB to buy ?

    Which GPU are you looking to buy? And what resolution are you gaming at?
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    Which CPU n MB to buy ?

    Compareable AMD processor is 2600X which isn't available in Pakistan yet. Also they don't come with warranty here in Pakistan. Techspot did a benchmark suite that contained 26 games and concluded that i7 8700K is 3% faster in total than a ryzen 2700X. But ryzen are miles ahead in productivity...
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    Which CPU n MB to buy ?

    Don't overclock, no need to for gaming. I am running games on Xeon 3680 which is 8 years old cpu with 1050ti and I can max out mosty games at 1080p. Just get i5 8400 with B360 mobo which is around 12k and you will be set for some time. Also if you wanna game at 1080p at 60Hz then go for 1060...
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    INNO3D is reliable brand? I am interested in buying its 1080!!!

    The low quality thing is mostly FUD. I have 4 inno3d cards working in various system since last 6 months and no complaints whatsoever. They are atleast 2,3k cheaper than other brands and provide similar performance. Buy them with your eyes closed.
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    Gaming PC Guide

    Get this if you arfent overcloking and save 8k Intel Core i7-8700 Processor, Coffee Lake, LGA 1151 (300 Series), 8th Gen If you only wanna game then get i5 8400. You will save a lot of money and get same performance. Also there are cheaper z370 motherboards. Since you haven't told us about...
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    Gaming PC Guide

    What resolution are you gaming at? Do you intend to overcloock your CPU? Do you intend to use NVME based storage? (Highly Recommended) What is your monitor resolution? Since most people game at 1080P, I can recommend the following keeping in mind the financial constraints: Core i3- 8100 16GB...
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