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  1. Yasir Nadeem

    Want To Buy Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5/4) and Persona 5 Royal

    Hello everyone! I am looking for these two games at a reasonable price. Drop a msg at my number on whatsapp, if you have them. Contact#: 0315-2-7-3-3-four-zero-one
  2. Yasir Nadeem

    iPhone repair in Karachi

    Hey everyone. It's been a while, I hope everyone's doing well. So, my iPhone SE 2020's charging port got shorted while I was charging it via a type c to the lightning cable through a power bank. The headphones work well, but it just won't charge, thankfully it has wireless charging, so it's...
  3. Yasir Nadeem

    Google Pixel 2 Clearly White 64GB PTA Approved

    Hello! I hope you are safe during the pandemic. Up for sale is my beloved pixel 2 that I bought a couple months after its initial launch (new). It is PTA approved and comes up with a bunch of stuff such as Dbrand skins and a case that I am throwing away in the deal, I really liked the panda...
  4. Yasir Nadeem

    UPS buying advice

  5. Yasir Nadeem

    [SOLVED] Sim activation?

  6. Yasir Nadeem

    Need Angular 2+ Developers

  7. Yasir Nadeem

    Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator 1/2 Players

  8. Yasir Nadeem

    SOLD 15$ steam wallet

  9. Yasir Nadeem

    SOLD Xiaomi Mi5

  10. Yasir Nadeem

    SOLD Microphone

  11. Yasir Nadeem

    [CSGO] PG Community Nights

  12. Yasir Nadeem

    Want To Buy Sony E-mount Adapter

  13. Yasir Nadeem

    Happy birthday

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