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  1. ssaz

    Want To Buy Arctic MX-4

  2. ssaz

    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    PTCL is definitely throttling twitch. Sometimes it starts buffering on my 20Mb/s connection and then I switch to a VPN and then I can stream 1080p easily.
  3. ssaz

    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    It never goes above 20-21Mb/s no matter the time of the day. Speed stays below 21 Mb/s even on private trackers or FTP transfers from high speed servers using IDM. I have no idea what the problem is and neither do PTCL employees lol. I have contacts in my exchange and most people there know me...
  4. ssaz

    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    Can you post your xDsl stats. My line has excellent SNR and 84Mb/s attainable download rate and 48Mb/s upload rate, while I am using 50Mb/s but only getting 20Mb/s download and 12Mb/s upload. The local exchange and internet guys are saying that 50Mb/s isn't supported in my area and I should...
  5. ssaz

    Want To Sell CM Extreme 2 625W PSU

  6. ssaz

    Want To Sell CM Extreme 2 625W PSU

  7. ssaz

    Want To Sell CM Extreme 2 625W PSU

  8. ssaz

    Which is your favorite browser?

    I was a Mozilla fan for a decade or so but I used to have a lot of extensions which made it very slow as compared to Chrome so I switched to Chrome. Never looked back since.
  9. ssaz

    What application can you not do without on a fresh Windows install?

    Chrome utorrent 7zip - to handle all zips and rars. I am surprised no one mentioned it yet. Its free and handles almost everything. Its also very light and fast. VLC player IDM Nomacs - nomacs is a fast and small image viewer. It has a lot of features over standard photo viewer from MS. MS office
  10. ssaz

    PG's Torrent Invites & Open Sign-Ups Thread v3 || [Read FIRST POST]

    Can anyone please invite me on iptorrents. My account got deleted cuz I didn't use it for some time. I recently got a 4k 65" tv and need to download massive 4k movies but the speed on public trackers is terrible. I will maintain my ratio as I mostly download free torrents and use seedbox if...
  11. ssaz

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (Video)

    The quality of review is awesome 10/10. The device looks beautiful but I am waiting for Note 8 because I've had better experience with Note series (S7 edge being the only exception).
  12. ssaz

    What you had for Sehri and Iftar (2017)

    Ate pizza yesterday in Sehri and I was so thirsty all day, Never Again! Today's menu is Daal with butter and good old Lassi :)
  13. ssaz

    Android TV Boxes ? Guide on PakGamers ?

    If you want to stream pirated stuff through Kodi app, then make sure that the box has Android version 5 or better because Kodi's most famous plugin(Exodus) for movies and shows doesn't support Android 4.4 anymore. Though there are still many other great addons that support 4.4.
  14. ssaz

    Want To Sell Import service from USA (gaming stuff or wt ever u need)

    need a quote for this:
  15. ssaz

    Want To Sell Ordering Stuff from Amazon, Tigerdirect, newegg ,Ebay.Paypal Transactions and plenty more ( Cheapest )

    need a quote for this:
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