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  1. GhaniKhan

    My New Gaming Rig

    Great Piece of Hardware bro.....:)
  2. GhaniKhan

    Nokia 3310 is coming back !!!!

    History repeats itself :p but in Modern way
  3. GhaniKhan

    PG Meetup ... Islamabad/Rawalpindi Members ... Other city members are wellcome as well :)

    Whats up with the Meetup Scene:spiteful: ? - - - Updated - - - WAQAS ADEEM
  4. GhaniKhan


    Best Share... it will make all the viewers never eat samosas specially Qeema wala again :p
  5. GhaniKhan

    [Important] Happy Birthday CEREBRAL TIGER !

    Happy Birthday...
  6. GhaniKhan

    [Unboxing] Gigabyte GTX 780 & Max Keyboard Durandal Tesoro eSport eidition

    Really Cool Stuff Ali Man... On how much u bought 780 and Keyboard?
  7. GhaniKhan

    (Unboxing) My New PSU Cover

    Congratulations you have done it really well and Very Nice...
  8. GhaniKhan

    Project 382

    Really Nice Work...did u done it yourself or someone did it??? :p Very Nice...
  9. GhaniKhan

    My first effort on making a Documentary

    Great Effort and This Documentary is so Good... I can Feel your Love for Islamia College University Peshawar
  10. GhaniKhan

    PG Meet-UP Peshawar (short notice)

    It was Really A Good Meetup... Yaar for me there should be some Achievement because i go to every meetup in Peshawar... :p MUJHE to Farigh banda Achievement milna chahiye Blastwave :p - - - Updated - - - Journeys End
  11. GhaniKhan

    PG Meet-UP Peshawar (short notice)

    I M INNN...anywhere any time...bcz my papers are Finished and Chief Burger will be my VOTE for the Venue...:bd2: - - - Updated - - - My Mobile number 0344-4042116
  12. GhaniKhan

    do u wanna sale ur cooler accelero if yes kindly sms me 0344-4042116

    do u wanna sale ur cooler accelero if yes kindly sms me 0344-4042116
  13. GhaniKhan

    UNBOXING The Dream Chassis !!!

    Congrats Bro....VERY NICE
  14. GhaniKhan

    Iphone 5

    Congratulations on the Great Purchase...
  15. GhaniKhan

    Want To Buy Cooler for GPU AMD or NVIDIA

  16. GhaniKhan

    Anyone know about the Differnce b/w B.Tech/B.Sc Tech and B.E/B.Sc Engineering

    Thanks Cerberus for Quick Reply Then my Question arises as The Diff b/w Engineering and Technology and why there is so Much Fees Difference
  17. GhaniKhan

    Unboxing of my new slayers saphire's 7870 ghz crossfire

    Congrats Yasir Bhai... Huge Purchase Again...Keep On Gaming(1)
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